Tournaments – Fap CEO Casual Sex Game

Amber the Tournament


Reach company level 3 to enter the Tournament and compete for big rewards!

Tournament start every Friday at 15:00 UTC+0 (UK)
and finish on Sunday at 15:00 UTC+0 (UK)


The tournament runs every weekend. You have 48 hours to get the most level you can, there is no selling the company in the tournament so choose your girls wisely.

Reward Table

Level UpsRubiesKeysTime Skips
1-99910 FapCEO Ruby.png
1000-149910 FapCEO Ruby.png10 Key Icon.png1x4H Time Skip 4 hours.png
1500-199915 FapCEO Ruby.png20 Key Icon.png1x4H Time Skip 4 hours.png
2000-249915 FapCEO Ruby.png30 Key Icon.png1x4H Time Skip 4 hours.png
2500-299915 FapCEO Ruby.png40 Key Icon.png2x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
3000-349920 FapCEO Ruby.png62 Key Icon.png2x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
3500-399925 FapCEO Ruby.png84 Key Icon.png2x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
4000-449930 FapCEO Ruby.png106 Key Icon.png2x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
4500-499935 FapCEO Ruby.png128 Key Icon.png2x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
5000-549940 FapCEO Ruby.png150 Key Icon.png3x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
5500-599940 FapCEO Ruby.png172 Key Icon.png3x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
6000-649945 FapCEO Ruby.png193 Key Icon.png3x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
6500-699950 FapCEO Ruby.png216 Key Icon.png3x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
7000-749955 FapCEO Ruby.png238 Key Icon.png4x 5D Time Skip 5 days.png
7500-799960 FapCEO Ruby.png260 Key Icon.png4x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
8000-849965 FapCEO Ruby.png282 Key Icon.png4x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
8500-899970 FapCEO Ruby.png304 Key Icon.png4x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
9000-949970 FapCEO Ruby.png326 Key Icon.png5x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
9500-999975 FapCEO Ruby.png347 Key Icon.png5x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
10000-1049980 FapCEO Ruby.png370 Key Icon.png5x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
10500-1099985 FapCEO Ruby.png392 Key Icon.png5x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
11000-1149990 FapCEO Ruby.png414 Key Icon.png6x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
11500-1199995 FapCEO Ruby.png436 Key Icon.png6x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
12000-12499100 FapCEO Ruby.png458 Key Icon.png6x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
12500-12999100 FapCEO Ruby.png480 Key Icon.png6x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
13000-13499105 FapCEO Ruby.png502 Key Icon.png6x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
13500-13999110 FapCEO Ruby.png524 Key Icon.png7x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
14000-14499115 FapCEO Ruby.png546 Key Icon.png7x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
14500-14999120 FapCEO Ruby.png568 Key Icon.png7x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
15000-15499125 FapCEO Ruby.png590 Key Icon.png7x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
15500-15999130 FapCEO Ruby.png612 Key Icon.png8x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
16000-16499130 FapCEO Ruby.png634 Key Icon.png8x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
16500-16999135 FapCEO Ruby.png655 Key Icon.png8x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
17000-17499140 FapCEO Ruby.png678 Key Icon.png8x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
17500-17999145 FapCEO Ruby.png700 Key Icon.png9x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
18000-18499150 FapCEO Ruby.png722 Key Icon.png9x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
18500-18999155 FapCEO Ruby.png744 Key Icon.png9x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
19000-19499160 FapCEO Ruby.png766 Key Icon.png9x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
19500-19999160 FapCEO Ruby.png788 Key Icon.png10x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
20000-20499165 FapCEO Ruby.png810 Key Icon.png10x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
20500-20999170 FapCEO Ruby.png832 Key Icon.png10x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
21000-21499175 FapCEO Ruby.png854 Key Icon.png10x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
21500-21999180 FapCEO Ruby.png876 Key Icon.png10x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
22000-22499185 FapCEO Ruby.png898 Key Icon.png11x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
22500-22999185 FapCEO Ruby.png920 Key Icon.png11x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
23000-23499190 FapCEO Ruby.png942 Key Icon.png11x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
23500-23999195 FapCEO Ruby.png964 Key Icon.png11x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
24000-24499200 FapCEO Ruby.png986 Key Icon.png12x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
24500-24999205 FapCEO Ruby.png1008 Key Icon.png12x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
25000-25499210 FapCEO Ruby.png1030 Key Icon.png12x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
25500-25999215 FapCEO Ruby.png1052 Key Icon.png12x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
26000-26499215 FapCEO Ruby.png1074 Key Icon.png13x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
26500-26999220 FapCEO Ruby.png1096 Key Icon.png13x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
27000-27499225 FapCEO Ruby.png1118 Key Icon.png13x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
27500-27999230 FapCEO Ruby.png1140 Key Icon.png13x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
28000-28499235 FapCEO Ruby.png1162 Key Icon.png14x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
28500-28999240 FapCEO Ruby.png1184 Key Icon.png14x5D Time Skip 5 days.png
29000-29499245 FapCEO Ruby.png1206 Key Icon.png14x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
29500-29999245 FapCEO Ruby.png1228 Key Icon.png14x5DTime Skip 5 days.png
30000+250 FapCEO Ruby.png1250 Key Icon.png15x5D Time Skip 5 days.png

4th reward depends of the current week event type (Click Event, Gains Week, Sexpedition or Private Show). When there is not a current week event, as default, the 4th reward are archives pink keys.

Level Ups4th Reward
(Click Event)
4th Reward
(Gains Week)
4th Reward
4th Reward
(Private Show)
4th Reward
(Pink keys)
2500-29991 item1 TH item25 PS item1 Pink Key.png
3000-34992 items8 TH items30 PS items1 Pink Key.png
3500-39993 items15 TH items35 PS items2 Pink Key.png
4000-44995 items2 Gains Week Event Ticket.png22 TH items40 PS items3 Pink Key.png
4500-49996 items2 Gains Week Event Ticket.png30 TH items42 PS items4 Pink Key.png
5000-54998 items4 Gains Week Event Ticket.png37 TH items42 PS items5 Pink Key.png
5500-59999 items4 Gains Week Event Ticket.png44 TH items44 PS items6 Pink Key.png
6000-649911 items6 Gains Week Event Ticket.png51 TH items44 PS items7 Pink Key.png
6500-699912 items6 Gains Week Event Ticket.png59 TH items46 PS items8 Pink Key.png
7000-749913 items8 Gains Week Event Ticket.png66 TH items46 PS items9 Pink Key.png
7500-799915 items8 Gains Week Event Ticket.png73 TH items48 PS items9 Pink Key.png
8000-849916 items10 Gains Week Event Ticket.png80 TH items48 PS items10 Pink Key.png
8500-899918 items10 Gains Week Event Ticket.png88 TH items50 PS items11 Pink Key.png
9000-949919 items12 Gains Week Event Ticket.png95 TH items50 PS items12 Pink Key.png
9500-999921 items12 Gains Week Event Ticket.png102 TH items52 PS items13 Pink Key.png
10000-1049922 items14 Gains Week Event Ticket.png109 TH items52 PS items14 Pink Key.png
10500-1099923 items14 Gains Week Event Ticket.png117 TH items54 PS items15 Pink Key.png
11000-1149925 items16 Gains Week Event Ticket.png124 TH items54 PS items16 Pink Key.png
11500-1199926 items16 Gains Week Event Ticket.png131 TH items56 PS items17 Pink Key.png
12000-1249928 items18 Gains Week Event Ticket.png138 TH items56 PS items17 Pink Key.png
12500-1299929 items18 Gains Week Event Ticket.png146 TH items58 PS items18 Pink Key.png
13000-1349931 items20 Gains Week Event Ticket.png153 TH items58 PS items19 Pink Key.png
13500-1399932 items20 Gains Week Event Ticket.png160 TH items60 PS items20 Pink Key.png
14000-1449934 items22 Gains Week Event Ticket.png167 TH items60 PS items21 Pink Key.png
14500-1499935 items22 Gains Week Event Ticket.png175 TH items62 PS items22 Pink Key.png
15000-1549936 items24 Gains Week Event Ticket.png182 TH items62 PS items23 Pink Key.png
15500-1599938 items24 Gains Week Event Ticket.png189 TH items64 PS items24 Pink Key.png
16000-1649939 items26 Gains Week Event Ticket.png196 TH items64 PS items25 Pink Key.png
16500-1699941 items26 Gains Week Event Ticket.png204 TH items66 PS items25 Pink Key.png
17000-1749942 items28 Gains Week Event Ticket.png211 TH items66 PS items26 Pink Key.png
17500-1799944 items28 Gains Week Event Ticket.png218 TH items68 PS items27 Pink Key.png
18000-1849945 items30 Gains Week Event Ticket.png225 TH items70 PS items28 Pink Key.png
18500-1899946 items30 Gains Week Event Ticket.png233 TH items70 PS items29 Pink Key.png
19000-1949948 items32 Gains Week Event Ticket.png240 TH items72 PS items30 Pink Key.png
19500-1999949 items32 Gains Week Event Ticket.png247 TH items72 PS items31 Pink Key.png
20000-2049951 items34 Gains Week Event Ticket.png254 TH items74 PS items32 Pink Key.png
20500-2099952 items34 Gains Week Event Ticket.png262 TH items74 PS items33 Pink Key.png
21000-2149954 items36 Gains Week Event Ticket.png269 TH items76 PS items33 Pink Key.png
21500-2199955 items36 Gains Week Event Ticket.png276 TH items76 PS items34 Pink Key.png
22000-2249957 items38 Gains Week Event Ticket.png283 TH items78 PS items35 Pink Key.png
22500-2299958 items38 Gains Week Event Ticket.png291 TH items78 PS items36 Pink Key.png
23000-2349959 items40 Gains Week Event Ticket.png298 TH items80 PS items37 Pink Key.png
23500-2399961 items40 Gains Week Event Ticket.png305 TH items80 PS items38 Pink Key.png
24000-2449962 items42 Gains Week Event Ticket.png312 TH items82 PS items39 Pink Key.png
24500-2499964 items42 Gains Week Event Ticket.png320 TH items82 PS items40 Pink Key.png
25000-2549965 items44 Gains Week Event Ticket.png327 TH items84 PS items41 Pink Key.png
25500-2599967 items44 Gains Week Event Ticket.png334 TH items84 PS items41 Pink Key.png
26000-2649968 items46 Gains Week Event Ticket.png341 TH items86 PS items42 Pink Key.png
26500-2699969 items46 Gains Week Event Ticket.png349 TH items86 PS items43 Pink Key.png
27000-2749971 items48 Gains Week Event Ticket.png356 TH items88 PS items44 Pink Key.png
27500-2799972 items48 Gains Week Event Ticket.png363 TH items88 PS items45 Pink Key.png
28000-2849974 items50 Gains Week Event Ticket.png370 TH items90 PS items46Pink Key.png
28500-2899975 items52 Gains Week Event Ticket.png378 TH items90 PS items47Pink Key.png
29000-2949977 items55 Gains Week Event Ticket.png385 TH items95 PS items48Pink Key.png
29500-2999978 items57 Gains Week Event Ticket.png392 TH items95 PS items49Pink Key.png
30000+80 items60 Gains Week Event Ticket.png400 TH items100 PS items50Pink Key.png

Event Rewards

 Last/Current 4th Reward
April 09-11, 2021

Standard Issue Binoculars

Item Rewards

The amount of items increases the higher you get in the reward bracket.

Summoning StoneBlack Friday TicketCandy CaneTwin TicketGains Week Event TicketSeashells
Summoning StonesBlack Friday TicketsCandy CanesTwin TicketsGains Week TicketSeashell
Halloween 2018Black Friday Event 2018Christmas 2018Twins Event 2019Gains WeekValentine Event 2019
Cowboy hatSpring BlossomStarfishPom-pomSexpackPanties
Cowboy HatSpring BlossomStarfishPom-pomSexpackPanties
Amber Cowgirl Event 2019Newcomers Event 2019Blowjob Week Event 2019Sara’s Playoff Event 2019The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Event 2019Chloe’s Panties Event 2019
Recruiter hatYarn BallsGemini CharmsSafety CuffsStone FragmentsLube Beads
Independence Day Event 2019Ayumi’s PlayroomTwins Event RerunFuck the PoliceSexpedition 2 Ancient CummingSaya’s Private Show
Pink Key
Scented CandlesBlack Friday TicketsSnowballsGingerbread CookieTwin MasksPink Keys
Yrelianna’s Summoning EventBlack Friday Fivesome 2019Eira’s Warm-up‎‎Holly’s GiftTwins Event 2020Archives
Ikraura Totems (Fap Ceo)
Backstage PassesOfficer Badge TokensIkraura TotemsToasty PillowsLana’s BinocularsBlueberry Scones
Judy’s Backdoor PassFuck the Police RerunWild Things IIChloe’s Panties RerunThe Sexpedition 1st Cumming RerunLana in Wonderland
Fancy ProseccoShot GlassMask
Blue RibbonFancy ProseccoShot GlassOni MaskCatnip ToyPerfumed Lotion
PrincessCumXXX CreampieBefore Sunset Part 1After Midnight Part 1Saya is Back! Part 2Ayumi’s Playroom 2020Delilah’s Oral Delights 2020
StrawberryTemple Stone
Ice Cream ScoopsMegaphoneCandied StrawberryBond RingWooden CogTemple Stone
Introducing RoxanneSara’s Playoffs 20202 Year AnniversaryMedieval Lust SexpeditionMedieval Lust Part 2Wild Things II Tribal Orgy Rerun
Pink Ticket - Gains WeekWolfsbaneEnchanted CollarAuroch Horn
Ritual CandleMember PatchPink Gains Week TicketWolfsbaneEnchanted CollarAuroch Horn
Wild Things Part IIIJudy’s Backdoor Pass RerunGains WeekNight of the Giving Head RerunDungeon of LustLegends of the Badlands
Short-term PassportSoft DrinkSystem LubeGingerbread StackEnchanted CandyChocolate Chip Cookie
Black Friday OvertureBlack Friday Godly EncountersIntroducing M.I.AWinter Wonderland RerunWinter Wonderland 2020Meet Penny
Reindeer SockPink KnucklesFap Veteran MedalAP FlourSoft Serve ConeCommand Epaulet
Winter Chill Part 2Catfight!Service GirlsValentine’s Day SpecialMilky DayService Girls 2
Gym TowelsWhiskey TumblerStandard Issue Binoculars
Introducing JadeAmanda RevampedService Girls 3

Background Rewards

Everyone that gets the minimum level or more will get the background (if they’re in the 4th reward).

Urban SkylineAutumn ChillThe Leviathan’s CockIdle Hour Library
The Horny Bull SaloonMath Club RoomHilltop CabinCemetery Gates
background Reward

Outfit Rewards

Everyone that gets the minimum level or more will get the outfit (if they’re in the 4th reward).

Southern Belle AmandaAmber the SheriffSummertime DitaSummertime Nova
Amber The Sheriff PictureSummertime DitaSummertime Nova
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