Kagamine Rin/Len – Vocaloid


KagamineSurname Kagamine
47 KgWeight43 Kg
156 cmHeight152 cm
Vocaloid VOriginalVocaloid V

Kagamine Rin e Len

Kagamine Rin and Len (鏡 音 リ ン · レ ン) is the second product developed by Crypton Future Media released on December 27, 2007 for Vocaloid2 for the Character Vocal series. The package contains 2 Voicebanks, Kagamine Rin (female) and Kagamine Len (Male), both sampled by the Japanese voice actress Asami Shimoda.


At the time of registration in 2007, their names had not yet been decided. Their names, Rin and Len, were said to be based on the words “RI-ght” (right) and “LE-ft” (left) in English, which is usually noticeable on headphone sets. Not having enough space to write the whole word, the initial is put to indicate which headset is for the left and which one is for the right. They were renamed to the term “Act”, which can also mean “Act two”, “Second chapter”.

This is to indicate that it is an update. It was confirmed in an interview after the Append release, which was based on the names Ken and Rin from Hokuto no Ken, where the names were obtained following a discussion that had been familiar since childhood.
Their surname was created with the words Kagami (镜, mirror) and Ne (音, sound). Some call Rin and Len incorrectly, that is “Lin” or “Ren”. Although the transliterated version of the word could be read with both an “R” and an “L”, the correct version for English is “Rin” and “Len”.

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