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How Fap-CEO Battlepass work

The Battlepass is the new mini-game feature in the Fap-CEO. You can find the icon on bottom right.

The Battlepass consists of several episodes; Each episode lasts for 4 weeks (28 days). On the top left, net to the counter of your rubies, you can see the counter of the time left at the end of the current episode.

In each different episode the collectible item changes, but the way to collect them do not change.

The rewards can be message threads, speeds, outfits, multipliers, rubies ecc…

There are two three:

  • FAPPASS which can unlocked only with Nutaku Gold Coins;
  • FREEPASS that is free for everyone

Who active FAPPASS can also continuing to take rewards of FREEPASS.

In the FAPPASS three there are more rewards and other can be taken before that in FREEPASS three.

Each tier requires your to have accumulated a certain amount of item, indicated in the top right corner of the window. Usually is 100 items for each tier but note that some tiers are available only in FAPPASS three.

You can also pay 150 rubies to reach next tier!

How collect items to unlock Battlepass rewards

You can collect Battlepass items by clicking on girls in private show (max 50 items for day)

You can also collect Battlepass items completing daily quests (10 items for quest, for a total of 70 items for day) and weekly quests (70 items for quest, for a total of 350 items for week).

You cannot find Battlepass items in the pink chest.

BattlePass Episodes List

Episode NameEpisode DatesEpisode Item
Episode 1

introducing Meet Scarlett
Start: August 15, 2021
End: September 12, 2021
Duration: 28 days

Scarlett Token
Episode 2

Safari Heat
Start: September 19, 2021
End: October 17, 2021
Duration: 28 days

Alexis Token
Episode 3

Meet Skyler
Start: October 24, 2021
End: November 23, 2021
Duration: 30 days

Skyler Token
Episode 4

CYBER MONTH M.I.A.’s Awakening
Start: November 28, 2021
End: December 26, 2021
Duration: 28 days

M.I.A. Token
Episode 5

Renée The Christmas Runaway Reindeer Introducing Renée
Start: January 02, 2022
End: January 30, 2022
Duration: 28 days

Renée Token
Episode 6

Lust Potions
Start: February 13, 2022
End: March 13, 2022
Duration: 28 days

Potions Token

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