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Amanda the Bartender

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Name ➤ Amanda
Eyes Color ➤ Green
Hair Color ➤ Red Caramel
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Height ➤ large – 5’8″ (175cm)
Breast ➤ large – 38 DD
Feet ➤ large – 9 (39 EU)
Age ➤ 27 Years old
Occupation ➤ Bartender
Likes ➤ Dressing nicely, Attractive people, Playing Pool
Dislikes ➤ Her hangovers, Being woken up rudely
Unlocked ➤ Company Level 4
Release Date ➤ 2018-08-02
Outfits ➤ 18
Messages ➤ 12 threads (10 pictures + 3 videos)

The pleasure of a couple

Amanda (Game)| Anime.Sexy.95 Hentai Game, Ecchi, Sexy Oppai, Hot Oppai Sexy Girl


The CEO’s former college flatmate and drinking buddy.
She’ll channel her perverted behavior into playfully teasing her viewers.
Her boss, and most of the other girls in the studio.
What most would call a ‘huggy drunk’, she has absolutely no filter in her interactions, making her inappropeiate at the best of times.
She can often be found in people’s laps.
Most notably the CEO’s.

Amanda’s Outfits (18)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Amanda the
Starting Outfit
1920s Amanda300 Rubies 
Belle Amanda
Reward on
Pinup AmandaTier 2 from
Sara’s Playoff
Event 2019
1st thread from
Summer Heat
Amanda the
Cruise Bartender
Tier 1 from
Night of the
giving head 2
Holiday AmandaTier 1 from
Holly’s Gift
Amanda the Convict3rd photo from
Guilty Pleasures
Pajama Amanda2nd thread from
After Midnight Part 2
Mercenary AmandaReward from
Medieval Lust
Freerider AmandaTier 1 from
Judy’s Backdoor
Pass Rerun
Sequin AmandaTier 4 from
Black Friday
Godly Encounters
Lingerie AmandaThread from
Amanda’s Sleigh Ride
Catfight Amanda200 Rubies  from Catfight!
Bakery AmandaTier 1 from Valentine’s Day Special
Latex AmandaTier 1 from
Introducing Jade
Neon AmandaTier 4 from
Amanda Revamped
Disco Amanda200 Rubies  from Amanda Revamped
Military Amanda300 Rubies  from Service Girls 3
Powder Monkey Amanda200 Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png from Easter island Expedition Part 1
Sleepwear Amanda1st Thread from After Midnight Part 2 2021
Bootycaller AmandaTier 1 from Stellar Whores
Striker Amanda2nd Thread from Game On!
Tribal AmandaTier 3 from Meet Irene
Winemaker AmandaThread from Fap Heroverse Daily Event
Grifter AmandaTier 1 from Gangbang Diamond Heist
Vinyl Corset AmandaTier 1 from Gangbang Diamond Heist
Hot Springs Robe AmandaTier 4 from Black Friday 2021
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

The pleasure of a couple in love and Sex

Amanda – Fap CEO Messages (12)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
Thanks for giving me a hand.21 pictureHire Amanda
Pool tonight?31 pictureComplete Previous Thread
This place is soooo boring!41 pictureComplete Previous Thread
My Shirt51 pictureComplete Previous Thread
Sorry I’m late.71 pictureComplete Previous Thread
I’m bored…71 pictureComplete Previous Thread
I think I’m hungover…61 pictureComplete Previous Thread
Soooo… Drinks?1 videoSt Patricks Party
Oktoberfest 2019
You! You’re the bastard!111 pictureMedieval Lust Sexpedition
Tips! I got tips!111 pictureAmanda’s Sleigh Ride
Mmm… I knew you’d see things my way4 videosAmanda Revamped
Hey! I’m back!1 pictureAmanda Revamped

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