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Nova the Gamer


Name ➤ Nova
Eyes Color ➤ Green
Hair Color ➤ Pink
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Height ➤ medium – 5’5″ (167cm)
Breast ➤ small – 30 B
Feet ➤ medium – 8 (38 EU)
Age ➤ 22 years old
Occupation ➤ eSports Player
Likes ➤ Shooters, MOBAs, Sci-fi series
Dislikes ➤ Lack of internet connection, Badly optimized games
Unlocked ➤ Company Level 5
Release Date ➤ 2018-08-02
Outfits ➤ 18
Messages ➤ 7 threads (7 pictures)

Biography - Gamer Nova


Nova spends most of her time playing games, especially competitive ones but she’ll play whatever comes on hand and make her own up if she needs too. Nova also stream part-time, though her streams are a blend of pornography and gaming.

Nova’s outfits (18)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Gamer NovaStarting Outfit
Kumbatant Nova300 rubies
Bunny NovaTier 1 from
Blowjob Week
Event 2019
150 rubies
(50% Off) from 
Bunny Foursome
Holiday Nova1st thread from
Winter Chill
Streamer NovaTier 3 from
Judy’s Backdoor Pass
Tribal NovaTier 1 from
Wild Things II
Tribal Orgy
Latex Nova300 rubies from PrincessCum
XXX Creampie
Pajama Nova2nd thread from
Before Sunset
Part 2
Pajama Nova
Cheerleader NovaTier 2 from
Sara’s Playoffs
Kingsguard Nova300 rubies from Medieval Lust Part 2
Ghostbuster Nova200 rubies from 
Night of
the Giving
Head Rerun
Nude Nova5 Pumpkin
Spice Lotions from
Chloe’s Shopping Trip
Lingerie NovaTier 1 from
Black Friday Godly Encounters
Streamer Nova 2Tier 1 from
Meet Penny
Catfight Nova200 Rubies  from Catfight!
200 Rubies  from Milky Day
200 Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png from
Introducing Jade
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

Nova – Fap CEO Messages (7)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
Hey, Boss?21 pictureHire Nova
Let’s play something!31 pictureComplete previous thread
Do you always do that?41 pictureComplete previous thread
Rematch! How ’bout it?51 pictureComplete previous thread
I’m gonna need some days off…61 pictureComplete previous thread
Wanna go see a movie?61 pictureComplete previous thread
So, about porn games…61 pictureComplete previous thread

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