Halloween 2018 – Fap CEO Casual Sex Game


Clessidra Time Day Little Hearts Event

Start dateEnd date
October 25, 2018October 25, 2018

Halloween Event 2018

Halloween Event 2018 - Vivian

Halloween Event!

Access Missions

– new Halloween Event button! (top right)

Halloween Mission

Mission screen

– Send Lana the Explorer on quests around the globe!
– 4 types of missions (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary)
– Each mission awards prizes and Summoning Stones
Summoning Stone


Yrelianna the SuccubusVictoria the Vampire Vivian the Witch

– New girls can be unlocked for 5000 Summoning Stones each
– New Halloween Background – Cemetery Gates (unlockable through 24 hour Legendary mission)

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