Gains Week Shuffle Card Game – Fap CEO Casual Sex Game

Gains Week 1
Gains Week 17
  • On each rerun of the event, you collect Tickets Ticket from chest.
  • Use Tickets Ticket for shuffle 9 cards. Select a blue or gold card and discover the gift.

You can collect time booster, time speed, multiplier or a letter. Collect to unlock a new CEO Item. After attaining all CEO items, you can continue playing, but won’t get any more letters.

The reward you get after shuffling is a random pick of the cards shown before shuffle. One of 9 cards are ever the next letter that you need for word. You can also find letters that you collect in “Event Item” section of the Inventory. This means that you do not miss collected letters ad the end of the event.

Fap CEO Inventory

From Gains Week 6 you can play 10 random cards all in one click, using 10 tickets Ticket.

Collect points each time you play. With points you can pass the level and unlock Tasha and Olivia message threads, backgrounds and outfits.

Tickets in the chest

Pink Chest

Click on the chest every 2 hours and it will give you 2 tickets and you should find
to be able to take prizes.
Once you have all five letters, you can swap them for a random choice from the CEO items.

The Shuffle Card Game

Gains Week - Pick a card

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