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Tags used by category

CategoryAllowed tags
Games » Fap-CEOFap-CEO Event
Fap-CEO Character
Anime » High School DxDDevil
Fallen Angel
– God
– Dragon
Topic » Holidays and celebrationsEaster
Example of tags use in some categories

Use of pages

Pages are used for a list of contents like posts.

Characters list in game or animeCharacters of High School DxD
Girls in Fap-CEO Casual Sex Game
List of contents, events, race … with links at articles
Periodically updated contentFap-CEO Tournaments
Fap-CEO Daily Events
Guides, notes, general informationsThis page
Kids of contents in pages

Page type content is not listed in the feed of the start page. For this you need to link them somewhere; for example in the menu.

At pages is not necessary assign a feature image.

Menu usage

Menu order follow category hierarhy.

Use # char for tag filter in the menu item.

Menu example

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