Gift List – Sexy Airlines Game

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In the Sexy Airlines Game you can collect gifts when you open luggages and some time you receive a git from Bela Block to collect directly from her chat.

You can use these items to unlock girls’ photos, videos and outfits.

Some gifts may only be found during Sexy Airlines events.

If you need more money to power airplane, you can sell not necessary gifts.

Recently, all gifts are grouped by their rarity. Every gift can be:

Common Gifts

Gift NameGift RarityGift Description
ChocolateCommonEvery woman’s friend!
Found in most luggage!
PerfumeCommonMost people carry this in their luggage to smell good!
Wine BottleCommonOften lost, but seemingly neve enough!
BraCommonMulti-purpose common clothing that keep them in form or make them bigger!
RoseCommonWomen cannot get enough of then but luckily they are often to be found!
USB ChargerCommonCommon item that noone can do without any more!
Erotic NovelsCommonSomething to fuel your imagination is often found in luggages!
Make UpCommonOften found & often used to level up your look!
PralinesCommonOften found but better not gifted too much or the uniform will get tight…
LipstickCommonPurple, green and 50 shades of red… can there ever be enough lipstick?
Power BankCommonCommon item to charge your phone and your vibrator!
PantieCommonThere are whole shops dedicated to sexy underwear so of course this is a common item!

Rare Gifts

Gift NameGift RarityGift Description
SmartphoneRareWho did not loose his smartphone on a flight?
HandbagRareNot often lost, but often desired!
High Heel ShoeRareNot as often found as women are asking for them!
RingRareThe One ring that grants power… often over husbands!
Digital CameraRareIn times of smartphones it became a rare item!
Evening DressRareRare item that makes (almost) every woman a princess!
Fitness WatchRareRare items that keeps watches from extinction!
VibratorRareRare pleasure!
WhipRareWorks on horses and during sex. Rare item.
Scented CandleRareSometimes it’s better to smell this than each other… rare item!
HeadphonesRareRare item to listen to porn without disturbing others.
EarringsRareRare jewelry!

Country Gifts

Gift NameGift RarityGift Description
Chef KnifeCountryCutting to the chase is important and with this knife from Germany you can do it like a pro!
Maid DressCountryOriginally from the 19th-century France, this French dress is now used more for pleasure than work!
Garnet NecklaceCountryThis gift from Prague conquers a woman’s heart!
Matryoshka DollCountryFrom Russia with love comes this little doll!
Kamasutra BookCountryLearn to make love with this book from India!
GuitarCountryAmerican Guitars are the best!
Bikini (yellow)CountryLooks great and is best bought in Brazil!
Silk ScarfCountryFantastic looking scarf from Thailand!
NegligeeCountryThe word is french but the best night wear is from Italy!
Caviar TinCountryTasty fish eggs from Russia – a true delicatessen!
Exotic SpicesCountryIndia is famous for its spices!
ChampagneCountryMay only called this way if it’s from France!
Crafted NecklaceCountryHand-made in South Africa!
Tequila BottleCountryThe original only from Mexico!
GamepadCountryIs it a cliché that Japanese travel with a gamepad or smart to avoid touch screen controls?
CalaveraCountryMexican item to remember the dead on the Día de Muertos
MarionetteCountryFamous item from the Czech Republic!
Beer MugCountryGermany is famous for beer and this is the traditional way to drink it!
American FootballCountryAmerica’s favorite sport!
Miniature ElephantCountryThe one elephant that you can take home from Thailand and place on your desk!
Olive OilCountryFor looking or for salad but best from Italy!
African MaskCountryIf you need to hide use this mask from South Africa
KimonoCountryTraditional Japanese dress (wide cut)
QipaoCountryTraditional Chinese dress (sexy cut)
FanCountryIf the girl makes you hot use this fan from China!
OscarCountryNot the real one, but a few take ones from Los Angeles still look good on your desk!
Superhero MaskCountryIf you ever wanted to be someone else, get this from Los Angeles!
SojuCountryAlcoholic beverage from Korea
HanbokCountryTraditional Korean dress
SneakerCountryThe best looking sneakers are from New York.
CactusCountryNot sure who would travel with one… but can be brought from Mexico.
Plush AlpacaCountrySince it’s hard to bring a real Alpaca, get this one from Brazil.
Karaoke MicrophoneCountryThai people love Karaoke and often carry one in their luggage!
Music BoxCountryYou can get it in (almost) every souvenir shop in India.
Snow GlobeCountryGo to Russia to take a piece of Siberian winter with you.
BraceletCountryThis one has a South African Diamond!
VR GearCountryFor the perfect vacation.
Found in Japan.
Fish & ChipsCountryA delicacy from the United Kingdom
Wooden ShoesCountryDutch high heels.
Can be found in AMS.
TulipCountryThe Netherlands second most popular plant.
Can be found in AMS.
FlipflopsCountryGive her feta break from the high heels.
Can be found in Brazil.
Miniature BusCountryLondon calling.
Can be found in the UK.
DatesCountryGreat gift for a romantic date.
Can be found in Cyprus.
NougatCountrySweet like a Cypriot girl.
Can be found in Cyprus.
SilkCountrySo smooth and exotic.
Can be found in India, Thailand and China.
GemsCountryTo ornament the curves.
Can be found in Russia and South Africa.
StrapsCountryHolds it all together.
Can be found in Mexico, Brazil and Korea.
LaceCountryHow seethrough is seethrough is enough?
Can be found in New York, Japan and Los Angeles.

Event Gifts

Gift NameGift RarityGift Description
CachacaEventBrazilian liquor- used to make Caipirinha!
Polaroid FilmEventDigital What? Our camera works with film! Needed for our Calendar Event!
Candy CornEventTrick or treats!
Love PotionEventNot thoroughly tested yet
HornsEventFor the devil inside. Make them horny.
PumpkinEventThe Halloween classic. Good for soup too.
Hot SauceEventHot sauce from Mexico is used to unlock unique event items such as costumes!
Christmas BaubleEventJust hang it somewhere and it will look like Christmas.
Can be found in Russia, Los Angeles and Italy.
Gingerbread ManEventDoes anyone ever eat those?
Can be found in India, Korea and France.
MistletoeEventWith kiss guarantee.
Can be found in Mexico and Japan.
Candy CaneEventMakes her lips sticky.
Can be found in New York and South Africa.
Santa HatEventPart of official Christmas uniform.
Can be found in Brazil, Thailand and Czech Republic.
Christmas PresentEventFor the time of giving.
Everywhere around the globe.
FireworksEventStart the new year with a bang
Bloody MaryEventThe Airline classic.
Can be found in Germany, Russia and South Africa.
Old FashionedEventJust how daddy likes it.
Can be found in Italy, India, Japan and Korea.
MojitoEventFresh and strong.
Can be found in France, Mexico, Brazil and Los Angeles.
Pina ColadaEventHoliday in a pineapple.
Can be found in the Czech Republic, New York and Thailand.
African OrnamentEventSays: “Made in China”
Can be found on any country, more likely in South Africa.
Movie TicketEvent“Boss, why is there a hole in my popcorn?”
Can be found on any route, more likely inLos Angeles.
LanternEventThat’s how they create redlight in Ancient China.
Can be found on any route, more likely in Singapore.
BaseballEventCan be struck with a hard piece of wood.
Lotus FlowerEventA beautiful flower for beautiful girl.
Can be found on any route, more likely in Thailand.
Lucky BeerEventThis will get you lucky!
Can be found on any route.
Water GunEventA gun that makes women wet.
Can be found on any route, more likely in Miami.
FishEventOne half of making Fish & Chips.
Found near oceans.
ChipsEventOne half of making Fish & Chips.
Mode of Potatoes which are found on land.
Blue EggEventCan be found on routes inside Europe.
Red EggEventCan be found outside Europe.
Golden EggEventVery rare, can be sold for a lot of money. No other use.
Price TagEventCan be exchanged for costumes of previous events.
Can be found on any destination.
VodkaEventRussian Mineral Water! Can be found on any route, more likely in Russia.
Origami SwanEventCan be found in India, Thailand, Korea and China
Origami PenguinEventCan be found on all routes except in Asia
Gift CardEventShow mommy your affection.
Can be found on all routes.
Military BadgeEventFor outstanding oral performances.
Can be found on all routes.
Incense SticksEventSetting the mood.
Can be found on all routes.
PencilEventComes with a rubber.
Can be found on all routes.
TissuesEventWho was a messy boy?
Can be found on all routes.
Can be found on all routes.
Sports DrinkEventCan be found in France, Italy, India, Thailand, South Africa, Los Angeles, Mexico, Brazil, Cyprus, China and Japan
Protein BarEventCan be found in Germany, Czechia, UK, New York, Russia, Korea and Japan
CheeseEventYellow gold.
Can be found on all routes.
More common in Netherlands.
CollarEventCan be found on any route.
More common in the Czech Republic.
Space BootsEventThese boots are made for walking.
Can be found on all routes more often in Dallas.
Paint BrushEventUsed to paint sexy bodies – for our body paint event.
Birthday CakeEventHappy 1st Anniversary.
Can be found on all routes.
PretzelEventGoes well with Beer and Blowjobs.
Can be found on all routes.
Anal BeadsEventLet’s play Hide-and-seek.
Can be found on all routes.
Butt PlugEvent2 more holes to go.
Can be found on all routes.
Shopping BagEvent (Black Friday)Can be found on all routes.
ClitcoinEventMakes Cyprus sexy.
Can be found on all destination eastern of the Hub.
DatastickEventContains sensitive material.
Can be found in all destinations western of the Hub.
EspressoEventCan be found in all destinations, more likely in Italy.
FirecrackersEventCan be found on all asian routes (incl. Russia).
TeddyEvent (Valentine’s Day)Can be found in Czechia, Russia, South Africa and Korea
Love LetterEvent (Valentine’s Day)Can be found in Italy, New York, Brazil and Mexico
Dream CatcherEvent (Get the Gypsy girl!)Can be found in all destinations, more likely in France.

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