Amber – Fap CEO Sex Game

Amber the Secretary

Amber Segretary


Name ➤ Amber
Eyes Color ➤ Green
Hair Color ➤ Coral Blonde
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Height ➤ medium – 5’6″ (170cm)
Breast ➤ large – 34 DDD/F
Feet ➤ large – 8.5 (39EU)
Age ➤ 29 years old
Occupation ➤ Secretary
Likes ➤ Cats, Coffee, Rough Sex
Dislikes ➤ Tea, Paperwork, Insects
Unlocked ➤ Company Level 1
Release Date ➤ 2018-08-02
Outfits ➤ 23
Messages ➤ 16 threads (14 pictures + 8 videos)

Amber Segretary


Amber is keeps the books in working order, pays the bills, organizes the other girls’ schedules and break times, and keeps them from killing each other, all the while keeping the CEO’s coffee fresh and warm. Other things too…

Amber’s Outfits (23)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Amber the SecretaryStarting OutfitAmber The Secretary PictureAmber The Secretary Picture
Amber the Sex Symbol300 Rubies Amber The Sex Symbol PictureAmber The Sex Symbol Picture
Fangirl AmberPewDiePack bundle (Currently not available)
Participation reward from Amber’s Archives Rerun
Fangirl Amber PictureAmber Fangirl Picture
Amber the SheriffTier 4 from
Amber Cowgirl
Event 2019
and Tournament reward
on 18.05.2019
Amber The Sheriff PictureAmber The Sheriff Picture
Summertime AmberTier 2 from
Oral Delights
Summertime Amber PictureAmber Summertime Picture
Lucky Charm Amber150 Rubies  (50% Off) from Summer Mega-Sale 2019
Not purchasable after sale
Lucky Charm Amber PictureAmber Lucky Charm
Amber the Advisor3 Orgasm Chairs
from Nutaku
Chair Promo
Amber The Advisor PictureAmber the Advisor
Amber the ConvictTier 2 from
Fuck the
Police Rerun
Amber The Convict Picture
Amber the IconTier 1 from
Black Friday
Amber The Icon Picture
Amber the
March Hare
200 Rubies 
Lana in
Wonderland 2
Amber The March Hare Picture
Pajama Amber300 Rubies 
from PJ Party
The Lockdown
Pinup AmberTier 2 from
Introducing Roxanne
Nude Amber3 Gift Bows from
2 Year
Anniversary Part 2
Scribe AmberReward from
Lust Sexpedition
Glam AmberReward from
Complete 90
Daily Meta
Ceremonial AmberTier 3 from
Wild Things
Part III
Mistress Amber1st picture from
Dungeon of
Lust Part 2
Bathrobe AmberTier 2 from
Black Friday
2nd thread
from Cyber Monday Surprise Box
Festive Amber200 Rubies  from Daily Winter Wonderland 2020
Assistant Amber
2nd picture
from Board
With Amber
Fishnet AmberThread from Amber’s Archives 2021
Neon AmberTier 1 from
Amanda Revamped
Pirate Amber200 Rubies  from Easter island Expedition Part 3
Sleepwear AmberTier 2 from Before Sunset Part 1 2021
Dance Date AmberTier 2 from Back in Backstage
Midfielder Amber1st Thread from Game On!
Tribal Amber200 Rubies  from Meet Irene
Double Power AmberTier 1 from 3 Year Anniversary
Reporter AmberTier 4 from Gangbang Diamond Heist
Smart Casual AmberTier 4 from Gangbang Diamond Heist
Functional AmberTier 2 from Black Friday 2021
Lingerie AmberFreepass Tier 15 from M.I.A.’s Awakening
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

Amber – Fap CEO Messages (16)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
Hey, boss!11 pictureHire Amber
Sending Tokens21 pictureComplete previous thread
Settling in alright?11 pictureComplete previous thread
Hey, boss, you might want to read this.1 picturePewDiePack Bundle
Morning. Whenever you have the time.1 picture– 2 Milion Player Event
Ambers Archives
Hey, I’ve got good news!11 pictureGains Week
Oh yes… This was fun!4 videosAmber Cowgirl Event 2019
Are you free tomorrow?1 pictureAmber Cowgirl Event 2019
Independence Day Event 2019
Um… Boss? Do you think this is weird?131 pictureCompleting Message Thread “What the hell happened here?” from Rose
I can’t believe this is happening!121 pictureCompleting Message Thread “How d’you like that Hotshot?” from Rose
Oh yes… This was fun!4 videosIndependence Day Event 2019
Offer Lookout!1 pictureNutaku Chair Promo
Happy Valentine’s Day1 pictureGift on February 14, 2020
Um… Sir? You’re not allowed there!101 pictureMedieval Lust Sexpedition
Uh, could you come by?101 pictureCyber Monday Surprise Box
About that meeting…Amber: 9 messages
You: 8 messages
Amber: 9 messages
You: 8 messages
3 Irish Coffe:
1 picture
4 Irish Caffe:
1 picture and 1 outfit
Board Meeting With Amber

Amber’s Newsfeed (12)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUse
About the classy girl…4Rose the Social Butterfly (hirable, 7 new pictures, 7 new email threads)
Lingerie Rose outfit
Rose the Office Lady outfit
– 50 keys
– 2x multiplier
Ruby Lipstick
5 Ruby Lipsticks
(Rose is Back)
Boss, about that girl…4Saya the Seductress (hirable, 3 new pictures, 3 new email threads)
Saya the Oni outfit
– 50 keys
– 2x multiplier
Lotus Candle
6 Lotus Candles
(Saya is Back! Part 1)
There’s a lady here to see you!6Victoria the Vampire (hirable, 7 new pictures, 7 new email threads)
Pet Victoria outfit
– 50 keys
– 2x multiplier
Strawberry Jam
1 Strawberry Jam
(Night of Giving Head Rerun)
So… about the grumpy lady in your office.4Mrs. Claus the Manager (hireable, 7 new pictures, 7 email threads)
Giftwrapped Charlotte Outfit

2 Bells Ornament
(Winter Wonderland Part 2)
Hey! Look what I found!3– Winter Chill Panorama Thread 5
Fetish Cassandra Outfit

2 Enchanted Snowglobe
(Winter Chill Rerun)
So much stuff!3– Winter Chill Panorama Thread 6
Festive Zoe outfit
Milk Chocolate
1 Milk Chocolate
(Milky Day PrincessCumXXX)
Look what I found!4Lingerie Lizzie outfit
– Lizzie’s 8th thread unlocked
– 50 Keys
– 50 Pink Keys
– 2x Multiplier

6 Car Keys
(Lizzie’s New Ride)
Uhm… We might have a problem.4– PrincessCumXXX (Hireable, 5 pictures, 5 email threads)
– 50 Pink Keys
Milk Chocolate
1 Milk Chocolate
(Milky Day)
Do you remember those?4– 3 threads and 3 photos from Ingrid
Traditional Delilah outfit
Traditional Ingrid outfit
Traditional Lorelei outfit

8 Lucky Horseshoe
(St Patrick’s Day 2021)
Sending you another one.4– Ambers’ Archive thread
Fishnet Amber outfit
– 100 keys
– 2x multiplier

5 Amber’s Binders
(Amber’s Archives 2021)
Old paperwork. Needs revision.4Rose the Social Butterfly (hirable, 7 new pictures, 7 new email threads)
Sundress Rose Outfit
– 50 keys
– 2x multiplier

5 Butterfly Hair-clips
(Rose is Back 2021)
Spare Outfits…?4– Labor Day Group Chat Thread
Handygirl Lana Outfit
Handygirl Anika Outfit

6 14mm Wrench
(Labor Day 2021)
Sooo, Pillows?4– 5th PJ Party: Before Sunset Group Chat Thread
Sleepwear Lizzie Outfit
Blankets too!4– 6th PJ Party: Before Sunset Group Chat Thread
Sleepwear Nova Outfit
– 2x Multiplier

3 Storage-Ready Blanket
(Before Sunset Part 2 2021)
Just checking…4– 5th PJ Party: After Midnight Group Chat Thread
Sleepwear Amanda Outfit

2 Weighted Blankets
(After Midnight Part 2 2021)

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