Planets / Stations List – Sexy Space Airlines game

In the hentai intergalactic game, Sexy Space Airlines, girls fly through between planets with spaceships. All spaceships start from the Earth planet.

On each planet there are requirements to flight in. Upgrade girls to have new abilities.

Planet NameOriginal Girls
EarthHaruka Koizumi
Planet Name/DescriptionTraitsOriginal Girls
Moon (Moon Alpha Base)

The main settlement on Earth’s moon. Modern structures, lower gravity.
Required Traits
➤ Low Gravity
Mei-Ling Chen
➤ Trudy Roberts
➤ Tilly Roberts
ISS5 (Main Docking Ring)

The 5th of the International Space Station on a moon-like .
Orbit around Earth is a major shipyard and trade hub. And our last, best hope for peace.
Required Traits
➤ Flawless Redcord
Tiffy Roberts
First Area
Planet Name/DescriptionTraitsOriginal Girls
Mars (Arcadia Planitia)

Where the first colonists settled is still the main biodome of the red planet.
Required Traits
➤ Political Conformity
➤ Madlenka Ambroz
Ceres (Ceres Station)

Largest miining asteroid in the Solar System. Unsafe place.
Required Traits
➤ Low Gravity
➤ 55 D-Series
➤ 69 D
➤ 88 D-Series
Second Area
Planet Name/DescriptionTraitsOriginal Girls
Grel (Sector 001)

Rocky planet with bad atmosphere nut a lot of factories and two species.
Required Traits
➤ Grelian (language)
➤ Nara Vanadu
➤ Sheila Vanadu
Xepturia (Main Island)

Ocean planet with very little landmass and flying hotel ships/take breaches, Tourist-hotspot.
Required Traits
➤ Xepturian (language)
Uma Arialis
➤ Yisha Arialis
Third Area

Routes available during event

Planet Name/DescriptionTraits
Europa (Northpole Station)

Where the radiation on this Galilean moon is lowest, Humans started a small “frontier” settlement.
Required Traits
➤ Low Gravity
➤ Survivor

Planet covered by forests. Natives value nature over eeverythings.
Required Traits
➤ Siluan

Bonus Traits
➤ Animal Lover
➤ Sensual
➤ Swimming
Event area

Routes available only with VIP Pass

Planet Name/DescriptionTraits
Labia Spaceport

Pink planet as their ozone layer has been destroyed due to the high nitrogen dioxide in the air there.
Most of the civilization here live in caves.
Required Traits
➤ Labian (language)
VIP area

Coming Soon Routes

➤ Inside the Solar System

Planet Name/DescriptionTraits

Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus is home to flying cities known for their hospitals and recreational facilitis.
Required Traits
➤ Medical Training

Callisto is the second-largest of the four Galilean moons.
Required Traits
➤ Low Gravity

Due to being close to Jupiter, IO is inhabitable for Humans due to the high radiation.
Required Traits
➤ Low Gravity
➤ Radiation Immunity

➤ Outside the Solar System

Planet Name/DescriptionTraits
Sexy Space Airlines Tee garden
Teegarden’s Star

The second-closest hospitable planet near SOL is home to exited scientists, conducting human genetic engineering.
Required Traits
➤ Genetically Enhanced

Bonus Traits
➤ Flawless Record
Sexy Space Airlines Sands Planet

With it’s real name too hard to pronounce, this desert-world is inhabited by the reptiliian Geckoroman.
Required Traits
➤ Hibernation
Sexy Space Airlines Nana Station
Nana Station

Originally a base for colonizing Ross 128 b, this space station was transformed into a pleasure hub.
Required Traits
➤ Hacking

The home of ominous master race. Not the real name but they thought it was fitting.
Required Traits
➤ Blue Skin
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