Yrelianna’s Summoning – Fap CEO Casual Sex Game


Clessidra Time Day Little Hearts Event

Start dateEnd date
November 16, 2019November 20, 2019

Yrelianna’s Summoning Event

– Event button! (top right)

Mission screen

  • First slot free
  • Second slot can be bought for 300 rubies or 1000 Scented Candles
  • Third slot can be bought for 450 rubies or 1500 Scented Candles
  • Fourth slot can be bought for 600 rubies or 2000 Scented Candles


First reward costs 2000 Scented Candles
Second reward costs 3000 Scented Candles
Third reward costs 4000 Scented Candles

Yrelianna and Victoria’s outfits

Yrelianna the FallenYrelianna the DivineVictoria the Handmaid 
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