Gift List – Sexy Space Airlines

You can find gifts in luggages. Open luggages in each routes, when you complete a turbulence or a mission.

Gift can be of type

  • COMMON (sell 1 for 23.62T Cr.)
  • RARE (sell 1 for 94.47T Cr.)
  • COUNTRY (sell 1 for 283.42T Cr.)
  • EVENT (sell 1 for 566,84T Cr.)

Common Gifts

Gift NameGift RarityGift Description
ChocolateCommonThe basic fuel for Space Flights Attendants – on of off duty.
Dehydrated FoodCommonTaste is questionable but it fills your belly.
PerfumeCommonUsed to be made of flowers, now a chemical compound. Smells still good.
Make Up BoxCommonTo look young and pretty in any circumstances.
PantieCommonOne part of underwear. Can be sexy or not.
BraCommonOne part of underwear. Can be sexy or not.
Contactless KeyCommonSay: “Leeloo Pallas Multipass”
Zero G PenCommonTaking notes in space in not that easy
ArmorplastCommonSome planets are riskier than others. Be prepared
Cryosleep PillCommonBasic need for your interstellar travels
Comunication CreditCommonCommunicating across solar systems comes at a cost.
LipstickCommonTo color your lips.

Rare Gifts

Gift NameGift RarityGift Description
ChampagneRarePlease drink responsibly and with gravity.
BiosuitRareUseful on planets with hazardous or low atmosphere
Kamasutra BookRareThe ideal book for a long journey… with 1 or more companions.
PralinesRareIf you want to impress a Space Flight Attendant
RosesRareWomen never have enough of these, especially in space.
Supernova MarbiesRareAs first seen in the last scene of a very well known movie with Aliens and Black suits.
Garnet NecklaceRarePretty relic from an old city called “Prague”.
Universal Time WatchRareGood to keep track of night and day throughout the galaxy.
Earth SpicesRareA taste of Earth in your dish. A perfect match with Olive Oil.
Intergalactic Bottle MessageRareWhen you are tried everything else!
Area 51 TicketRareWant to find out if Aliens really landed on Earth, take this tour!
Olive OilRareA perfect match with the Spices

Country Gifts

Gift NameGift RarityGift Description
Printed Circuit BoardCountryA typical product of the heavy industry on Grel.
Spaceship ToolCountryUseful for minor repairs from ISS5.
Part of AsteroidCountryA small rock for a big souvenir from Ceres.
Intelligence Enhancement ImpiantsCountryThe hospitals on Venus are known for their brain surgeries.
Spaceproof PlantCountryTo create your own garden in space. If it grows on Mars it grows everywhere.
Distilled WaterCountryImpossible to live without. Especially in the lava caves on Mephisto.
Pollution-proof FacemaskCountryUseful against pollution, and viruses as well especially on Grel.
Oxygen SupplyCountryWhere the Atmosphere is inexistent or too thin like on Mercury.
Proxima Centauri VisaCountryNeeded to fly to Proxima Centauri obviously.
Miniature TelescopeCountryit’s amazing to look at the Earth from Proxima Centauri.
Basic Language CourseCountryBasic is the common language of humans. Needed when flying to Moon.
Stem CellsCountryUseful to replace missing limbs or treat serious sicknesses on Venus.
Yellow BikiniCountryTake it with you when you go to Xepturia.
HolocamCountryInvented by Obawan Kanobi. Capture your vacation on Xepturia.
Electric GunCountryOn Mercury there are two kids of people: the ones with loaded guns, and the others.
Space HelmetCountryIf you wanna do a Space Walk on ISS5.
Matryoshka DollCountryThere’s always more inside. Popular gift from New Siberia.
Metal DetectorCountryUseful to clean after tourists on Silus.
Radiation SensorCountryJust to be sure your hotel on Labia is safe.
Fur CoatsCountryUsing artificial fur. To withstand the cold on New Siberia.
Radioactive SubstanceCountryCan be used for Xray and electric engines from Labia.
Hand GlovesCountryTo keep you hands warm on Europa, you only have two (for most of us anyway)
Snow GlobeCountryTop souvenir from Europa with real snow from the moon!
Shapeshifting DeviceCountryFor those not really happy with their face… and for discretion purposes helps this mephistolian device.
Laser BeamCountryFor precise cutting and surgery. Used a lot on Moon.
Vibration Music PlayerCountryIn Space sound might not come out as expected. Popular among Ceres workers.
Miniature RoverCountryA mini-version of the first cars driving on Mars.
Shed BrushCountryA comfortable, easy way to remove shedding hair from your furry friend from Silus.
Mini ParachuteCountryIn case you make a wrong step on Alatus.
JetbootsCountryWhen you want to avoid taking a taxi on Alatus.

Event Gifts

Gift NameGift RarityGift Description
Electronic CandlesEventWorking even in the vacuum of Space. Found everywhere during events.
Teddy BearEventThe best gift for Valentine’s Day – Now with AI!

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