OUR Flight Attendants Outfits List – Sexy Airlines Game

In the following table we listed all outfits of girls that we unlocked in the game Sexy Airlines. We remember that some outfits are available only during special events and you can unlock them only with some gift items.

GirliEcchi (23 Outfits)BlogHD (13 Outfits)
Aileen Murphy – LHRKimono OutfitScottish Tartan
Amahle Okar – CPT
Antje Van de Berg – AMSAnimated Milkmaid Outfit
Antônia Gomez – GIGSoccer Outfit
Candy Li – INC
Celeste Buisson – CDGEaster OutfitCalendar Event Bikini
Francesca Rossi – FCOScottish Tartan
Military Outfit
St. Patrick’s Day Outfit
Giselle Verdon – CDGVampire Costume
Calendar Event Bikini
Halloween Outfit
Military Outfit
Kimono Outfit
Haruka Koizumi – NRTAnime OutfitAnime Outfit
Imka Logan – CPTRugby Outfit
Joanne Hall – JFKCalendar Event Outfit
Kiki Kim – ICN
Kloe Kubicek – PRGEaster OutfitLunar Outfit
Leoni Meyer – BERCalendar EventCalendar Event
Lydia Taylor – LHR
Madlenka Ambroz – PRGKimono Outfit
Christmas Outfit
Easter Outfit
Malee Rataporn – BKK
Marissa Moretti – FCO
Melina Altdolf – BERScottish Tartan
Military Outfit
Military Outfit
Minji Park – ICN
Naomi Jenkins – LAX
Natalia Rocha – GIGSoccer Outfit
Paulina Ortiz – CUNBlack Friday Bondage Outfit
Poppy Jackson – JFKSt. Patrick’s Day Outfit
Raveena Basu – DEL
Ritsu Takagaki – NRT
Sandra Velasquez – CUNBlack Friday Bondage Outfit
Shreya Joshin – DEL
Thida Sriwong – BKK
Yulia Kartashov – DMERussian OutfitRussian Outfit
Anime Outfit
Zenya Vasilevsky – DMERussian Outfit
Mother Outfit
Zuleyha Burakgazi – LCA
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