Before Sunset Part 1 – Fap CEO Casual Sex Game


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Start DateMay 04, 2020
End DateMay 12, 2020
Before Sunset Part 1 - Girl Lorelei Ingrid Delilah Lana Maria Mrs.Rider Tasha Dita
Lorelei – Fap CEO Game
Before Sunset Part 1
Before Sunset Part 1 Clicking Event! First event in the Mega Event Pj Party The Lockdown

 – New event button! (Top right)

Pink Chest
  • Event chest opens every 120 minutes.
  • Click on it repeatedly to open it up and gain 2 Fancy Proseccos!
    Fancy Prosecco

Before Sunset Part 1
• Use Fancy Prosecco to get 30 seconds with Lorelei. Click her! Every click has a chance for time skips, boosters or more Fancy Prosecco!
• Use multiple Fancy Prosecco at a time to increase your clicking power and get to the next tier faster!
• Each tier awards Yellow Balloons. Use them to unlock photos in the threads in the group chat!

Tier rewards:

Tier 1

• x2 Multiplier
• 1st Lorelei Animation from thread “Help me get my legs?
• x1 Yellow Balloon
• Pajama Ingrid outfit

Tier 2

•  x3 Multiplier
•  2nd Lorelei Animation from thread “Help me get my legs?
• x1 Yellow Balloon
• Pajama Delilah outfit.

Tier 3

• x5 Multiplier
• 1st Ingrid Animation from thread “x
• x1 Yellow Balloon
• Pajama Lana outfit.

Tier 4

• 2nd Ingrid Animation from thread “x
• x1 Yellow Balloon
• Pajama Rider outfit
• Pajama Dita outfit.
Fancy Prosecco sales in the Shop!10 Fancy Prosecco.png = 100FapCEO Ruby.png
40 Fancy Prosecco.png = 300 FapCEO Ruby.png
100 Fancy Prosecco.png = 700 FapCEO Ruby.png
Pajama Ayumi = 300 FapCEO Ruby.png
Pajama Lorelei = 300 FapCEO Ruby.png
Pajama PrincessCumXXX = 300 FapCEO Ruby.png
Pajama Tasha = 200 FapCEO Ruby.png
Pajama Sara = 200 FapCEO Ruby.png
Pajama Maria = 200 FapCEO Ruby.png
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