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Clessidra Time Day Little Hearts Event

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October 26, 2020November 03, 2020

Dungeon of Lust

Dungeon of Lust interlock with Dungeon of Lust Part 2 to unlock a Halloween Panorama.

Dungeon of Lust Event - Faye, Amber, Dita, Charlotte - Girl Oppai

[26-10-2020] Dungeon of Lust

Dungeon of Lust Clicking Event! We’re celebrating this years’s Halloween with 2 interlocking events and one of the kinkiest panoramas get! Meet your newest camgirl Faye and spend some quality time with her to uncover her story! Faye brings along 4 new animations (2 different poses) and 5 new threads! Collect Uninhibited Rope item to unlock new panorama threads and photos! Have fun!

Faye Shop - Dungeon of Lust - icon

 – New event button! (Top right)

Pink Chest
  • Event chest opens every 120 minutes.
  • Click on it repeatedly to open it up and gain Enchanted Collar!
    Enchanted Collar


Dungeon of Lust Window - Awakened Faye
  • Use Enchanted Collar to get 30 seconds with Faye. Click her! Every click has a chance for time skips, keys, boosters or more Enchanted Collar!
  • Use multiple Enchanted Collars at a time to increase your clicking power and get to the next tier faster!
  • Use Uninhibited Rope to finish threads in the Halloween III Dungeon of Lust group chat and unlock the first four pictures of the Halloween Panorama
    Uninhibited Rope

Tier rewards:

  • Tier 1
    • Apprentice Lizzie outfit
    • 2x Multiplier
    • 1st Faye Animation in thread “Mmm…Mate..Mate with me…”
    • 1x Uninhibited Rope Uninhibited Rope
  • Tier 2
    • 3x Multiplier
    • Kittycat Dominique outfit
    • 2nd Faye Animation in thread “Mmm…Mate..Mate with me…”
    • 1x Uninhibited Rope
  • Tier 3
    • Naughty Lisa outfit
    • 5x Multiplier
    • 3rd Faye Animation in thread “Mmm…Mate..Mate with me…”
    • 1x Uninhibited Rope
  • Tier 4
    • Faye as a hireable employee
    • 4th Faye Animation in thread “Mmm…Mate..Mate with me…”
    • Awakened Faye outfit
    • 1x Uninhibited Rope

*Multipliers are based on your level

Outfits rewards

Faye Fap CEO Girl
Apprentice Lizzie Kittycat DominiqueNaughty LisaAwakened Faye

Enchanted Collar and new Outfits sales in the Shop!
10 Small - Enchanted Collar = 100 Ruby
40 Small - Enchanted Collar = 300 Ruby
100 Small - Enchanted Collar = 700 Ruby

Outfits on the shop

Sorceress VivianCavewoman Mrs. Rider
Sorceress Vivian
200 Rubies Ruby
Mrs. Rider

200 Rubies Ruby
Goddess Sara
200 Rubies Ruby
Tigress Ayumi
200 Rubies Ruby
Tormentor Dita
200 Rubies Ruby

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