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Dita the Model

Dita Model


Name ➤ Dta
Eyes Color ➤ Cyan
Hair Color ➤ Blond
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Height ➤ medium – 5’6″ (169cm)
Breast ➤ large – 34 DDD/F
Feet ➤ medium – 7 (38 EU)
Age ➤ ~4000 years old
Occupation ➤ Model
Likes ➤ Roses, Summer, Peach Nectar
Dislikes ➤ Cheap Fabrics, Dry Wine
Unlocked ➤ Special Events (scroll down)
Release Date ➤ 2019-02-12
Outfits ➤ 17
Messages ➤ 13 threads (11 pictures + 6 videos)


Given that she’s almost inhumanly beautiful, it’s hard to believe she’s also one of the most insecure girls in the studio. An aspiring model with a major self-esteem problem, her search for validation has brought her to the right place. She enjoys being complimented more than anything, and even seems to somehow become even more beautiful when that happens.

Dita’s Outfits (17)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Dita the ModelStarting OutfitDita the model PictureDita the Model
Sexy DitaTier 4 from 
Blowjob Week Event 2019
Sexy Dita Picture iconSexy Dita
Summertime DitaTournament 
Summertime Dita Picture iconSummertime Dita
Holiday Dita150 Rubies 
(50% Off) from 
Holiday Mega-Sale
Holiday Dita Picture iconHoliday Dita
Dita the ConvictTier 4 from
Fuck the Police Rerun
Dita the Convict Picture iconDita the Convict
Pajama DitaTier 4 from
Before Sunset Part 1
Pajama Dita
Goddess DitaTier 3 from
Saya is Back! Part 2
Beach Party DitaTier 2 from Delilah’s Oral Delights 2020
Pinup DitaTier 1 from Introducing Roxanne
Nude DitaTier 3 from 2 Year Anniversary
Ceremonial Dita300 Rubies  from
Wild Things Part III
Tormentor Dita200 rubies Ruby from Dungeon of Lust
Death’s Bride Dita2nd picture from Dungeon of Lust Part 2
Lingerie DitaTier 3 from Black Friday Godly Encounters
Candy Cane Dita200 Rubies  from Winter Wonderland Rerun
Ourania DitaTier 3 from
Meet Penny
Military Dita200 Rubies from Service Girls
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

Dita – Fap CEO Messages (10)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
In case you feel lonely…4 videos– Valentine Event 2019
– Blowjob Week Event 2019
Hey, I’ve heard of you!71 pictureHire Dita
So where are you from? Exactly?101 pictureComplete Previous Thread
Did something arrive for me?151 pictureComplete Previous Thread
About those days off…131 pictureComplete Previous Thread
That was… Not what I expected.111 pictureComplete Previous Thread
If you’re not too busy…151 pictureComplete Previous Thread
How did you even get this good?101 pictureComplete Previous Thread
Hey there! How’s it going?1 pictureBlowjob Week Event 2019
Ughhh, so much work!1 pictureMythical Encounter

Unlock Dita (3)

Event TitleEvent PictureEvent Dates
Valentine Event 2019Start: February 12, 2019
End: February 22, 2019
Blowjob Week Event 2019Start: April 30, 2019
End: May 10, 2019
Empower Chair Reward

Dita’s photogallery

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