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Milky Day PrincessCumXXX

[26-02-2021] MILKY DAY Join PrincessCumXXX

Milky Day Clicking Event! Join PrincessCumXXX on a shopping trip to the new ice-cream van! This is a rerun of the previous PrincessCumXXX Clicking event, but comes with two new threads and photos too! You’ll recevive a mail form Amber’s Newsfeed containing PrincessCumXXX as a hireable employee. Make sure to check for Soft Serve Cones in the event chest!

Clessidra Time Day Little Hearts Fap CEO – Click Event

– New event button! (Top right)


Start date:February 26, 2021
End date:March 05, 2021
Duration:7 Days

Pink Chest

Event chest

  • Event chest opens every 120 minutes.
  • Click on it repeatedly to open it up and gain Soft Serve Cone!

REWARDS of the Event

  • Use Soft Serve Cone to get 30 seconds with the girls. Click them! Every click has a chance for time skips, keys, boosters or more Soft Serve Cone!
  • Use multiple Soft Serve Cone at a time to increase your clicking power and get to the next tier faster!
  • Use Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate 
  • Event entry rewards:
    • 2x Soft Serve Cone 
    • Amber Newsfeed Thread “Um… We might have a problem.

Tier rewards:

  • Tier 2
    • 2nd PrincessCumXXX Animation in thread “Oh, yes!” (rerun)
    • 3x Multiplier based on your current multiplier level
    • Milkweave Ingrid outfit
    • 1x Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate

Outfits Rewards

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Ayumi Outfit
Ingrid Outfit
Sara Outfit
Latex PrincessCumXXX Outfit

Outfits on sale for the duration of the event

Outfit NameOutfit CostOutfit Picture
Milkweave Cassandra
200 Rubies Ruby
Milkweave Charlotte
200 Rubies Ruby
Milkweave Nova
200 Rubies Ruby
Milkweave Lizzie
200 Rubies Ruby
Milkweave PrincessCumXXX
200 Rubies Ruby
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