Shreya Joshin – Sexy Airlines Game

Sexy Airlines – India


Name ➤ Shreya
Surname ➤ Joshin
Country ➤ India
Height ➤ 1,58 m (5′ 2”)
Age ➤ 24 years old
Cup size ➤ A
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Hair Color ➤ Brown
Eyes Color ➤ Dark brown
Airport ➤ DEL (New Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport)
Required ➤
Unlock ➤
GameSexy Airlines

About Shreya

Her passion is spirituality. She’s traveling to find the best path for her life. Preparing a year long retreat to cater to the gods.


Ganesha, praying, Indian temples in the world

Shreya’s outfits (9)

Outfit NameOutfit PictureUnlock
Starting Outfitcoming soon
Belly Dancer Costumecoming soon
Bikini Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Polaroid Film
Christmas Outfitcoming soon
Lingerie OutfitLingerie Shreya Joshin➤ 30 Gems
➤ 30 Lace
Lunar Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Lantern
Sahri Outfitcoming soon➤ 2 Outfit token
Space Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Space Boots
Summer Outfitcoming soon➤ 15 Old Fashioner
➤ 15 Mojito

Shreya’s messages (8)

Thread nameNumber of messagesPicture / Video
Manual WorkYou: 3 messages
Shreya: 4 messages

Up in the skiesYou: 5 messages
Shreya: 6 messages

Wash my soulYou: 6 messages
Shreya: 7 messages

Liberate your inner energyYou: 7 messages
Shreya: 8 messages

Spiritual FrictionYou: 8 messages
Shreya: 9 messages

PadmasanaYou: 9 messages
Shreya: 10 messages
Sense & Incensability
Spirited Service

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