Ritsu Takagaki – Sexy Airlines Game

Sexy Airlines – Japan


Name ➤ Ritsu
Surname ➤ Takagaki
Country ➤ Japan
Height ➤ 1.53 m (5′)
Age ➤ 22 years old
Cup size ➤ A
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Hair Color ➤ Black
Eyes Color ➤ Dark brown
Airport ➤ NRT (Tokyo-Narita Airport)
Required ➤
Unlock ➤
GameSexy Airlines

About Ritsu

Anime and cosplay enthusiast, she has quite a thing for charging outfits and crafting her own ones


Anime, cosplay, making tea

Ritsu’s Outfits (9)

Outfit NameOutfit PictureOutfit Details
Starting Outfit
Milkmaid Outfitcoming soon 30 Cheese
Bikini Outfitcoming soon 30 Polaroid Film
Kimono Outfitcoming soon 20 Origami Penguin
➤ 10 Origami Swan
Lingerie Outfit 30 Gems
➤ 30 Lace
Lunar OutfitRisu Takagaki Kimono Outfit➤ 30 Lantern
Schoolgirl Costumecoming soon
Secretary Outfit➤ 2 VIP Outfit Token
Space Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Space Boots

Ritsu’s messages (10)

Thread nameNumber of messagesPicture / Video
HajimemashiteYou: 4 messages
Ritsu: 5 messages

ShiroiYou: 7 messages
Ritsu: 8 messages

PittariYou: 8 messages
Ritsu: 9 messages

TemijikaiYou: 9 messages
Ritsu: 10 messages

FukakuYou: 10 messages
Ritsu: 11 messages

HayakuYou: 11 messages
Ritsu: 12 messages

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Nosy Nippon
Swimsuit Nostalgia
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