Madlenka Ambroz – Sexy Airlines Game

Sexy Airlines – Czech Republic


Name ➤ Madlenka
Surname ➤ Ambroz
Country ➤ Czech Republic
Height ➤ 1,78 m
Age ➤ 23 years old
Cup size ➤ B
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Hair Color ➤ Blond
Eyes Color ➤ Greyhound’s
Airport ➤ PRG (Prague Václav Havel Airport)
Required ➤ Company Level 1
Unlock ➤
Game ➤ Sexy Airlines

About Madlenka

«Twooter model», influencer, follower of repostable trends


Taking selfies, expressing her opinion, trends

Madlenka’s outfits (12)

Outfit NameOutfit PictureUnlock
Starting outfit
Animated Milkmaid Outfitcoming soon 30 Cheese
Bikini Outfitcoming soon 15 Polaroid Film
Calendar Event Bikinicoming soon
Christmas Outfit
Easter Outfitcoming soon 15 Blue Egg
Festival Babe Outfitcoming soon 1 VIP Tocken
Kimono Outfitcoming soon 20 Origami Pinguin
➤ 15 Origami Swan
Lingerie Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Gems
➤ 30 Lace
Naughty Nurse Costumecoming soon
St. Patrick’s Day Outfitcoming soon 15 Lucky Beer
Volleyball Outfitcoming soon 10 Sports Drink
5 Protein Bar

Madlenka’s messages (13)

Thread nameNumber of messagesPicture / Video
Follow meYou: 2 messages
Madlenka: 3 messages

Jewelry SelfieYou: 3 messages
Madlenka: 4 messages

CEO Office VisitYou: 4 messages
Madlenka: 5 messages

Additional informationYou: 5 messages
Madlenka: 6 messages

Cleaning timeYou: 6 messages
Madlenka: 7 messages

New FlavourYou: 7 messages
Madlenka: 8 messages

Video with audio
Limo SceneYou: 8 messages
Madlenka: 9 messages
Czeching your CalendarYou: 3 messages
Madlenka: 4 messages
Itchy KunoichiYou: 6 messages
Madlenka: 7 messages
CryoczechYou: 7 messages
Madlenka: 8 messages
30 pencil to unlock content
Chesty Czech-up
Entering my atmosphere
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