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Sexy Airlines – United States


Name ➤ Naomi
Surname ➤ Jenkins
Country ➤ United States
Height ➤ 1.73 m (5’7”)
Age ➤ 25 years old
Cup size ➤ B
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Hair Color ➤ Brown
Eyes Color ➤ Green
Airport ➤ LAX (Los Angeles Airport)
Required ➤ Company Level 60
Unlock ➤
GameSexy Airlines

About Naomi

Athletic girl, who loves the outdoors and traveling to many surfing hotspots around the world – being an FA allows her to do just that.. Very chilled and relaxed personality.


Surfing, diving, vegan diet

Naomi’s outfits (6)

Outfit nameOutfit pictureUnlock
Starting outfitcoming soon
Bikini Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Polaroid Film
Easter Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Red Egg
Hollywood Outfit➤ 30 Movie Tickets
➤ 30 Price Tag
Jazz Dancercoming soonVIP Pass Platinum (30d)
Lingerie Outfit➤ 30 Strap
➤ 30 Lace

Naomi’s messages (8)

Thread nameNumber of messagesPicture / Video
Winging itYou: 4 messages
Naomi: 5 messages

NudeboardingYou: 7 messages
Naomi: 8 messages

Malibu MouthwashYou: 8 messages
Naomi: 9 messages

Turning the TidesYou: 9 messages
Naomi: 10 messages
Naomi Jenkins video
Cumbaya, My Lord
Surfer’s High
The Wild, Wild, West
Be my Wingman

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