Kiki Kim – Sexy Airlines Game

Sexy Airlines – South Korea


Name ➤ Kiki
Surname ➤ Kim
Country ➤ South Korea
Height ➤ 1.65 m (5’5”)
Age ➤ 28 years old
Cup size ➤ C
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Hair Color ➤ Brown
Eyes Color ➤ Brown
Airport ➤ ICN (Seul-Incheon Airport)
Required ➤ Company Level 50
Unlock ➤
GameSexy Airlines

About Kiki

Popular former k-pop idol whose fame was marred by a scandal. Seo-hyeon “Kiki” Kim is now caught in between being a more straight-laced role model and wild spontaneous performer she once was.


Perfumed and cosmetics, dating foreign men, choreography

Kiki’s outfits (8)

Outfit nameOutfit pictureUnlock
Starting outfitcoming soon
Bikini Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Polaroid Film
Easter Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Red Egg
Kimono Outfitcoming soon➤ 20 Origami Penguin
➤ 10 Origami Swan
Lingerie OutfitKiki Kim Lingerie Outfit➤ 30 Gems
➤ 30 Straps
Lunar OutfitKiki Kim Lunar Outfit➤ 30 Lantern
Space Outfitcoming soon➤ 30 Space Boots
Sports Outfitcoming soon➤ 20 Sports Drink
➤ 10 Protein Bar

Kiki’s messages (8)

Thread nameNumber of messagesPicture / Video
Scandalous SeoulsYou: 4 messages
Kiki: 5 messages

Flash AppealYou: 7 messages
Kiki: 8 messages

Requiem for a creamYou: 8 messages
Kiki: 9 messages

Cabin BeaverYou: 9 messages
Kiki: 10 messages

RoombayahYou: 10 messages
Kiki: 11 messages
Kiki Kim video
A Star Reborn
Opening her Hatches
Dinner’s on me

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