Trick or Treat: Halloween, the party of horror

The origins of Halloween

Halloween (or Samhaim) is an ancient Celtic-pagan holiday that is celebrated in the night between 31th October and first November of each year for over 25 centuries.

In America (especially in United States and Canada), Halloween has become an important anniversary only from the 20th century.

Nowadays, for a lot of people, Halloween is also known as “feast of the dead”. It is much more that a simple costume party!

Symbols of Halloween

The main reason this holiday is known all over the world is that it is associated at a specific symbol and a well known topic.

The main symbol associated with the halloween party is the orange pumpkin ? with carved out a face and usually, a candle or light inside.

For night of Halloween, already several days before, shops, restaurants and websites are decorated with the symbolism that recalls this holiday: pumpkins, skeletons, witches and ghosts. ?

The traditions of Halloween

It’s the custom that the boys disguise themselves as skeletons, ghosts, monsters, vampires and other terrifying creatures of the collective imagination.

Modern tradition has it that guys, in the evening, go to ring the doorbells and intercoms of neighbors to ask them for candy and sweets. Anyone who refuses gets a joke, an unpleasant spite.

When masked guys ring the bells, they recite something like “trick or treat, I want something good to eat”.

The legend of Halloween

For horror lovers, this it the perfect evening to watch the scariest movies. Human fear and terror are integral part of the spirituality of Halloween.

There are various legends related to Halloween, but the most famous is “Jack o’ lantern”, an Iris drunkard and stingy blacksmith who deceived the devil and when he died, Jack was considered so evil that he was rejected from both heaven and hell. The Devil threw a burning brand at him and Jack use it as lantern of its path. He continue to wander forever among the living awaiting the final judgment day.

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