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Mrs. Rider the Teacher

Mrs. Rider Sexy Oppai Ecchi


Name ➤ Mrs. Rider
Eyes Color ➤ Blue
Hair Color ➤ Blond
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Height ➤ large – 5’7” (172cm)
Breast ➤ large – 36 DD
Feet ➤ large – 8.5 (39 EU)
Age ➤ 34 years old
Occupation ➤ Teacher
Likes ➤ Power, Control, Dogs
Dislikes ➤ Insecurity, Disobedience
Unlocked ➤ Company Level 1
Release Date ➤ 2018-08-02
Galley, Picture ⇠
 ➤ 17
Unlocked ➤ 14 threads (13 pictures + 1 videos)


With Mrs. Rider’s appetite, her unparalleled sexuality and more than a touch of dominatrix over her sets the rules of the game in any meeting she has, regardless of whether she is with a student or her boss.

Mrs. Rider’s Outfits (17)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Teacher Mrs. RiderStarting OutfitMrs. Rider the Teacher PictureMrs. Rider Teacher
Drill Sergeant
Mrs. Rider
300 Rubies Mrs. Rider The Drill Sergeant PictureMrs. Rider the Drill Sergeant
Holiday Tutor Mrs. Rider200 Rubies Mrs. Rider the Holiday Tutor PictureMrs. Rider The Holiday
Lead Star
Mrs. Rider
Tier 2 from
Day Event 2019
Mrs. Rider the Lead Star PictureMrs. Rider The Lead Star
Tier 2 from
Ayumi’s Playroom
Mrs. Rider Summertime PictureMrs. Rider Summertime
Holiday RiderTier 4 from
Holly’s Gift
Mrs. Rider Holiday PictureHoliday Rider
Mrs. Rider
Tier 3 from
PrincessCumXXX Creampie
Mrs. Rider The Mistress PictureMrs. Rider The Mistress
Mrs. Rider
2nd photo from
Labor Day
Mrs. Rider The Worker PictureMrs. Rider the Worker
Mrs. Rider
Tier 4 from
Before Sunset
Part 1
Beach Party
Mrs. Rider
Tier 2 from
Playroom 2020
Forest Ranger
Mrs. Rider
300 Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png from Mrs. Rider’s
Bang Camp
Nude Mrs. RiderTier 2 from
2 Year
Latex Mrs. Rider300 Rubies  from Sex Ed classesLatex Mrs. Rider PictureLatex Mrs Rider
Retro Summer
Mrs. Rider
100 Rubies 
(66% Off) from Mrs. Ride-Her Rerun
Retro Summer Mrs. Rider
Mrs. Rider
200 Rubies 
 from Dungeon of Lust
Cavewoman Mrs. Rider PictureCavewoman Mrs. Rider
Mrs. Rider
Tier 1 from
Introducing M.I.A
Military Mrs. RiderReward for Service Girls
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

Mrs. Rider – Fap CEO Messages (14)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
Thanks for seeing me.21 pictureHire Mrs. Rider
Sex ed.31 pictureComplete previous thread
Gifts and presents41 pictureComplete previous thread
You know what?71 pictureComplete previous thread
Just checking.71 pictureComplete previous thread
New Toys?61 pictureComplete previous thread
Naughty boy.61 pictureComplete previous thread
I’m finally free!121 pictureCompleting Message Thread “Hey there! I’m back!” from Sara
Those bitches!131 pictureCompleting Message Thread “Hey! Wake up!” from Sara
I may need some help.161 pictureCompleting Message Thread “I need to tell you something” from Sara
Vacation? Yes, please!101 videoMrs. Ride-her
Ready?131 pictureMrs. Rider’s Bang Camp
Holding up?111 pictureMrs. Rider’s Bang Camp
Up for a race?101 pictureMrs. Rider’s Bang Camp

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