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October 15, 2020October 23, 2020

Gains Week 19

Olivia - Gains Week 19 - Event

[15-10-2020] Gains Week 19

Gains Week Event is Back! To make up for the late release of the new revamped Gains Week, they’ve decided to host the second Gains Week this month! Join Tasha in her brand new Casino and play her special high-stakes Board Game to earn new rewards and drastically improve your income! New rule, new prizes, new thrills await you, but make sure you read the patch notes first to learn all about it.

Gains Week

Gains Week is a repeating event, progress will be saved between each run of the event.

Event button! (Top right)

Game Window

Gains Week Roll
Pink Chest
– Event chest opens every 120 minutes.
– Use Tickets to roll the dice and Earn Golden Hats!
Golden Hat.png
– Gains Week 19 added 2 more Tier! (Tier 29) You now need to use 2400 tickets to complete all tiers if this is your first Gains Week.

Perk Shop

Spend Golden Hat to upgrade your perks.

The Bank
• Every level – increases Daily Key Limit by 25.
• Every 5 levels – increases the amount that gets stored in the bank.
The Prestige
• Every level – increases Overall Prestige Multiplier.
• Every 5 levels – increase the Upgrade Cash gained when passing the Start Tile.
The Stock Split
• Every level – increases Company Shares Multiplier.
• Every 5 levels – increase the Upgrade Cash you get at the start of each Gains Week event.
The Golden Rule
• Every level – increases Overall Company Profits
• Every 5 levels – increase the Base Golden Hats for each Property.

Event Chest

Pink Chest

– Tap the chest to get 2 Tickets! Once every 2 hours!

Gains Week Tickets were added to the shop.
10 Pink Ticket - Gains Week = 100 
40 Pink Ticket - Gains Week = 300 
100 Pink Ticket - Gains Week = 700 
Nude Olivia outfit = 100 

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