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Chibi (ち び?) Is a typical Japanese word for speech which means “short person” or “small boy”. This term is in fact used to indicate a person or a small animal. It can be used as “small”, but it is not used in the same way as chiisana (小 さ な?).

Distinction From Deformed

In English the term chibi has been almost merged with the deformed, although the latter has a style of drawing characters with large heads or can be used to describe the child-version of some characters from various comics or anime .

Examples of works with chibi apparitions

In the popular shojo manga Sailor Moon there is a typical example of the use of the word: it is Chibiusa, formed by chibi usagi (“little rabbit”), which looks like a shrunken version of the protagonist, that is Usagi Tsukino alias Sailor Moon .

Another example can be found in the anime TV series Angeloid – Sora no otoshimono, in addition to the relative film, where often the protagonist Tomoki Sakurai, in addition to the Angeloid Ikaros and the other protagonists, appears in a chibi version during the most demented scenes (typical of the genre ecchi ) or funny.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, one of the recurring gags is that a tiny version of Spider-Man appears during his fantasies.

In the Miraculous – Chibi Shorts series on the Miraculous TV Series – The stories of Ladybug and Chat Noir.


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