Urna Arialis – Sexy Space Airlines Game


Name ➤ Urna
Surname ➤ Arialis
Planet ➤ Xepturia
Height ➤ 1,74 m (5’8″)
Age ➤ 19 years old
Cup size ➤ C
Skin Color ➤ Violet
Hair Color ➤ Viole
Eyes Color ➤ Violet
GameSexy Space Airlines


HoloGaming, space junk food

About Urna Arialis

Blue skin and tentacles growing from head. Species known for hospitality and pleasure. Found her planet boring and wanted to please men throughout the galaxy.

Urna’s messages (5)

Thread nameRequired giftsPicture / Video
Surprise Surprise➤ 2 messages
➤ 5 Dehydrated Food
➤ 1 Bra
Urna Arialis Sexy Space Airlines Picture
The sun is my new friend➤ 5 messages
➤ 10 Chocolate
➤ 10 Perfume
Urna Arialis Sexy Space Airlines Picture
Water play
The Galaxy could be mine
Memories of past fun

Urna’s Bonus Traits

LevelSkillBonus Description
Level 1 Grelian (language)
Xepturian (language)
– Allows flying to Grel and finding grelian items on certain planets.
– Allows flying to Xepturia and finding xepturian items on certain planets.
Level 2➤ Swimming– Allows reaching 10% more luggages on certain planets (that fell into water.)
Level 3➤ Medical Training– Required to fly to places with a lot of patients on board incl. The hospitals of Venus. 25% lncreased income on certain routes.
Level 4➤ Sensual25% lncreased income on certain routes.
Level 5➤ Innocent CharmEverbody likes her. Gives more character cards in luggages.
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