Tiffy Roberts – Sexy Space Airlines Game


Name ➤ Tiffy
Surname ➤ Roberts
Planet ➤ ISSS
Height ➤ 1,7 m
Age ➤ 25 years old
Cup size ➤ C
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Hair Color ➤ White
Eyes Color ➤ Light blue
GameSexy Space Airlines


Hookups, traveling, parties

About Tiffy Roberts

European ancestors but was born and raise on a cargo ship. Loves to travel – never lived in one place -, loves her job. Proud to have one guy in each harbor.

Tiffy’s messages (5)

Thread nameRequired giftsPicture / Video
Zero G Network➤ 2 messages
➤ 1 Armorplast
➤ 1 Make Up Box
Tiffy Roberts Sexy Space Airlines picture
All hands on deck➤ 5 messages
➤ 1 Chocolate
➤ 1 Perfume
Tiffy Roberts Sexy Space Airlines picture
Jerk of Passenger➤ 6 messages
➤ 15 Dehydrated Food + 3 Champagne
➤ 15 Lipstick + 3 Biosuit
Tiffy Roberts Sexy Space Airlines
Bathtime Bonding➤ 7 messages
➤ 20 Cryosleep Pill + 5 Pralines
➤ 20 Armorplast + 5 Area 51 Ticket
Stiffy for Tiffy

Tiffy’s Bonus Traits

LevelSkillBonus Description
Level 1➤ Low Gravity– Needed to fly to Moon, Ceres and the Gallilean Moons. 25% bonus income on certain others.
Level 2➤ Self-Defense– Required to fly to Mercury and allows to secure 10% more luggage on certain routes.
Level 3➤ Survivor– Needed to fly to some underdeveloped planets. 25% more income on other planets.
Level 4➤ Political Conformity– Don’t question leadership if you want to fly to Mars. Gives 25% bonus income on certain other routes.
Level 5➤ Mephistophilian (language)– Allow flying to Mephisto and finding mephistoan items on certain planets.
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