Mei-Ling Chen – Sexy Space Airline Game


Name ➤ Mei-Ling
Surname ➤ Chen
Planet ➤ Moon
Height ➤ 1,68 m
Age ➤ 22 years old
Cup size ➤ D
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Hair Color ➤ Brown
Eyes Color ➤ Red
GameSexy Space Airlines


New Tech, mechanics, sex toys

About Mei-Ling Chen

Chinese ancestors but was born and raised on the Moon. Very smart, graduated top prefers to tinker with things in her private time instead as for work.

Mei-Ling’s messages (5)

Thread nameRequired giftsPicture / Video
Busty Repairs➤ 2 messages
➤ 1 Contactless Key
➤ 1 Zero G Pen
Mei-Ling Chen Sexy Space Airlines picture
D-69’s Dildo➤ 5 messages
➤ 5 Dehydrated Food
➤ 5 Bra
Mei-Ling Chen Sexy Space Airlines picture
Mecha Release➤ 6 messages
➤ 15 Make-up Box + 3 Kamasutra Book
➤ 15 Chocolate + 3 Pralines
Mei Link Chen Sexy Space Airlines girl picture
Up in Arms
Filling my Marshole

Mei-Ling’s Bonus Traits

LevelSkillBonus Description
Level 1➤ Low Gravity– Needed to fly to Moon, Ceres and the Gallilean Moons. 25% bonus income on certain others.
Level 2➤ Engineering– Shortens flights times on certain routes by 10%
Level 3➤ Hacking– Required to fly to Nana Plaza or get items from there on other routes.
Level 4➤ Grelian (language)– Allows flying to Grel and finding grelian items on certain planets.
Level 5➤ Inventor– Develops new things to significantly speed up right flight times.

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