Azazel – High School DxD


Full Name – Azazel
Kana – アザゼル (Katakana)
עזאזל (Hebrew)
Race – Fallen Angel
Former Pure Angel
Gender – Male
Origin – High School DxD
Hair Color – Black
Eye Color – Violet
Age – About 20 Years Old
Status – Alive (Sealed)
Ranking – Cadre (Formerly)
Fallen – Angel Brother of Justice (also by Indra)
Equipment & Abilities – Light-Based Weapons Down Fall Dragon Spear (Formerly) Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade

Personal Status

Nicknames – Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade Governor (by the leaders of Grigori)
Last Boss Fallen Angel (by Issei)
Aza-boy (by Indra)
Governor of Crows (by Hades)
Fallen – Angel Brother of Justice (also by Indra)
Relatives – God of the Bible (Creator) †
Vali Lucifer (Former Surrogate Son)
Affiliations – Fifth Heaven (Formerly)
Grigori (Founder) Kuoh Academy (Former Chemistry Teacher) Occult Research Club (Former Adviser) D×D (Formerly) Azazel Cup (Founder) Underworld Heaven Tobio Ikuse (Former Bodyguard) Issei Hyoudou & Vali Lucifer (Former Students)
Ranking – Cadre (Formerly)
Advisor of Special Technology (Formerly)
Governor General (Formerly)
Voice Actor – Rikiya Koyama (Japanese)
Phil Parsons (English)

Do you think a world without God is wrong? Do you think a world without God would have fallen? I’m sorry to say but this is not the case. You and I also live in a healthy way like this. – The world moves even without a God

– Volume 4, Life 4


Azazel is a tall man, black hair, golden bangs, black goatee and he possesses twelve black feathered wings.
During a battle, he loses his left arm but replaces it with a prosthetic arm.


It is hard to determine Azazel’s personality as he is laid-back yet serious, while also wise and insane at the same time. He is a research fanatic. Azazel is shown to be pacifistic, preferring to talk his way out of troubles rather than resorting to violence.
Azazel has complicated feelings on the fact that many of his friends and acquaintances are all married and have a family.
Azazel is a pervert because of his fondness for breasts, and also the fact that he has stated to have had hundreds of harems over the millennia.


Azazel was originally an angel of the Fifth Heaven.
After having sex with a human girl, he fell from the sky as punishment.
Soon, he founded the organization of the Fallen Angels and became its Governor General.
He also made a contract with one of the Five Great Dragon Kings, Fafnir.
Azazel found a young Vali Lucifer who had been abandoned by his parents, took him to Grigori and taught him how to properly use his powers.

Equipment Inventions

Having founded the Grigori organization that has done various research on Sacred Gears, Azazel has developed a series of inventions.

  • Down Fall Dragon Spear – An Artificial Sacred Gear that has one of the Five Dragon Kings, Fafnir, sealed inside of it after he made a pact with him. It has the appearance of a golden short spear which has a purple ball.
  • Down Fall Dragon Another Armor – Balance Breaker ofDown Fall Dragon Spear, which gives Azazel a Golden Dragon Armor which he made based on Vali’s Scale Mail. It increases the attack and defense of Azazel and summons a two-pronged Spear of Light.
  • Mechanical Arm – An all-purpose prosthetic arm that can be loaded with light power-style laser beams and tiny missiles. It can also fly on its own.
  • Sacred Gear Scanner – A scanner that can tell the type, abilities, and weakness of a Sacred Gear. One was given to Gasper prior to the Hero Faction’s small-scale assaults.
  • Mini Robot – A mini-robot that was created to help Gasper in his training to control his Sacred Gear.
  • Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade – An Artificial Sacred Gear th
  • Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Samurai Sword – An Artificial Sacred Gear that takes the form of a katana sword. Like the original, it possesses the same destructive powers as well as the ability to cut down spirits without physical forms. It was later given to Tomoe Meguri.
  • Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade – Kitchen Knife Form – An Artificial Sacred Gear that takes the form of an ordinary kitchen knife that releases a slight golden aura. It can basically cut almost anything including evil spirits. It is later confiscated by Grigori.
  • Gender-Swap Raygun – A raygun that changes the gender of a person. It is later sealed due to its inappropriate capability.
  • Sports Car – A special sports car made by Azazel. It has many weapons installed in it such as the Satellite Downfall Cannon System, and Dragon Destroy Missile. According to Azazel, due to him using the car to do various actions, even he himself doesn’t know the full potential of the car.
  • Doppelgänger Machine – A machine that was able to create 300 Issei doppelgängers that have their sexual desires enhanced due to a failed experiment.
  • Maouga – A humanoid-type Devil-helping super robot that was created using the Fallen Angels’ technology and is powered by the hatred of humans. It can use its arms as rockets.
  • Gear Fight-Body Change Driver – A handgun that fires a “Body Change Beam” that can swap the souls of the humans who are closest to each other.
  • UFO – A flying spaceship made from the latest technology of the Fallen Angels. It had a special barrier to make it invisible to humans and could fire a beam of various effects: Issei lost his perverseness and Gasper was burnt. It was destroyed by Xenovia and Irina when they went to go capture it for the sake of returning Issei back to normal.
  • Azazel Quest – Azazel Quest is an RPG game created by Azazel as a joint project with Ajuka, Sirzechs, and the technicians of the Devil’s side. The game uses the Devil’s technology the Game Field, to provide an adventure-type experience.
  • Bracelets – Golden bracelets engraved with magical characters. An invention that assisted the fallen angelisation of Akeno.


  • (To Issei) “Life’s problems tend to sort themselves out, I don’t find any point in worrying about every little thing that lies ahead.” (Season 2 New, Episode 2)
  • The White One desires power while the Red One desires women, both desires are surprisingly simple and pure.” (Season 2 New, Episode 12)


  • Azazel is the second-tallest male character in the series, behind Mil-tan.
  • According to Azazel, the reason as to why he became a Fallen Angel is because of his interest in women’s breasts.
  • Azazel is a fan of Minotaur meat, comparing it to Matsusaka beef.
  • According to the VIP of all the factions, Azazel’s greatest achievement is instructing the Sekiryuutei, who shows irregular growth, and the Hakuryuukou, who is said to be the strongest in history.
  • Azazel once made a wish to Ophis for some of the Angels to fall and especially wanted Gabriel to fall. He was, however, struck down with lightning as a result.
  • Azazel had/has a case of chuunibyou back when he was still an angel. This led to him giving bizarre long names to his inventions such as Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade.
  • Azazel was once teleported to a very remote place as a defense mechanism when he tried to enter the Seventh Heaven to look at the Sacred Gear system.
  • The Azazel Cup, the official name of the Rating Game World Tournament is named in Azazel’s honor. The main stadium called “Azazel Stadium” is also named in his honor and displays a large bronze statue of him at the entrance.
  • Azazel created a bar named “Black Dog” which is located on the second floor of a building, two stops away from Kuoh Town. It is located near the office of the Slash/Dog Team. He is the manager but due to being sealed, he is represented by the Cadres of Grigori.
  • Azazel was previously the manger of Kuoh Town’s women professional wrestling team which he named “Hyper-Dimensional Women’s Professional Wrestling”.
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