Katerea Leviathan – High School DxD


Full Name – Katerea Leviathan
Kana – カテレア・レヴィアタン
Romaji – Katerea Reviatan
OriginHigh School DxD
Race – Pure – Blooded Devil
Age – ???
Gender – Female
Eye Color – Purple (Light Novel), Blue-Grey (Anime)
Hair Color – Brown
Status – Deceased
Voice Actor – Harumi Sakurai (Japanese)
Martha Harms (English)

Personal Status

Ranking – Princess (Formerly)
Ultimate – Class Devil (Formerly)
Relatives – Leviathan (Ancestor) †
Tsufaame Tereaku Leviathan
Ingvild Leviathan
Affiliations –Khaos Brigade
Old Satan Faction (Former CoLeader)
Underworld (Formerly)


Katerea was a tall bespectacled woman with a voluptuous figure.
She had tan skin with long brown hair tied into a bun with a headset and she had purple eyes (blue-grey in anime).
She wore an extremely low-cut dress and it had a high slit which exposed a large portion of her breasts.


Katerea hated the current Satans, believing that they were defiling the name of Satan itself.
Furthermore, she wished to cause destruction and chaos to the world. to rebuild it into a new world under the rule of herself and the other descendants of the original Satans, with the administration meant to create a new world where the system, laws and doctrine suit the ideology of the Old Satan Faction.


She and the other descendants of the original Satans (except Vali) believed that the current Devil system was mistaken and sought to change it by killing the current Satans and taking control of the Underworld.


She appeared during the meeting of the Three Factions, attempting to kill both Sirzechs Lucifer and Serafall Leviathan but fought against Azazel instead after the latter made fun of her.
She was still defeated by Azazel who revealed his Artificial Sacred Gear.
Katerea tries to defeat the aversion by blowing himself up, but Azazel cuts her off his hand.
She is stabbed with a light spear and effectively killed.


Katerea had the appearance of a woman wearing an extremely low-cut dress and had a high slit on which a large portion of her breast was exposed. Katerea was a brutal, ruthless and dangerous woman who hated the current Satans, believing that they were profaning the name of Satan himself.

Katerea Leviathan (High School DxD)

Powers & Abilities

Immense Demonic Power – As the descendant of the original Leviathan, Katerea possesses an impressive amount of demonic power and is shown to be efficient in using her demonic powers.
When powered-up with Ophis’ snake, her power was increased to the level of original Leviathan and allowed her to keep up with Azazel.
Though despite this Azazel defeated her rather easily after activating the balance breaker of his artificial sacred gear, Down Fall Dragon Spear.

  • Self-Destruct Spell: Katerea activated this spell when she lost to Azazel, intending to take Azazel with her to death. However, Azazel discarded his one arm without any care and killed her before she could use the spell to kill him.

Tentacle Arms: Katerea can elongate the length of her arms as well as her fingers which she turns them into even more arms to be able restrain her opponent’s movements.

Flight: Being a Devil, Katerea is able to fly using her wings

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