Akeno Himejima – High School DxD



Name – Akeno Himejima
Kana – 島 朱 乃 ひ め じ ま あ け の
Romaji – Himejima Akeno
OriginHigh School DxD
Race – Reincarnated Devil Former Fallen Angel/HumanHybrid
Gender – Female
Years – 18 years old
Birthday – July 21
Hair Colour – Black
Eyes Colour – Violet
Ranking – Queen Of Middle Class Devil


Nickname – Priestess Of Thunder ->
Priestess of thunder and light The -ultimate sadist (by RiasGremory) The president’s confidant of (Yuuto Kiba) There mom(from Ophis)Il heavenly king (shared with the Ms. Hyoudou,Asia and Rias)
Equipment And Skills – Elemental Purification Of Fallen Angel Elemental Magic Lightning (Oni Mask)

Akeno Himejima, Sexy Ecchi

Personal state


  • Baraqiel (father)
  • Shuri Himejima (mother) †
  • Tobio Ikuse (second cousin)
  • Suzaku Himejima (cousin)
  • Ageha Ikuse (great aunt) †
  • Untitled Grandma Suou Himejima (Grand-uncle)


Kuoh Academy – (first year university student) Rias Gremory’s
Peerage – (Rias Gremory team)
Hyoudou Residence D×D Occult research club (former vice president) Girls’ Club of Hell Himejima Clan Underworld Heaven Grigori Gremory Clan Heavenly Breasts
Voiced – Shizuka ltoTeri (Japanese) Rogers (English, season 1-2) Kelly Angel (English, season 3 onwards) Yong Sin Lee (Korean)


In the anime, during battles, he often transforms his clothes into a traditional miko dress, composed of a white haori with red accents, a red hakama and a pair of zoi with white tabi. When it turned out to be Angelo for the first time Fallen in front of Issei, reveals a wing of the Devil and a wing of the Fallen Angel.

Powers and abilities

As Queen of Rias, Akeno has all the skills of Horse, Rook and Bishop, making her the strongest of the group after Rias. Akeno excels in the use of attacks made with magical powers and can use natural elements such as lightning, ice and fire. She is known as the “Lightning Priestess” for her skills in using such an element. In volume 7 of the light novels, after his true identity as Angelo Caduto, it is revealed that he has the power of Holy Lightning, which was inherited from his father.

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