Raynare Render / Yuma Amano – High School DxD


Name – Raynare Render / Yuma Amano
Kana – レイナーレ (Katakana, real name)
天野 夕麻 (Kanji, alias)
Romaji – Reināre (real name)
Amano Yūma (alias)
OriginHigh School DxD
Race – Fallen Angel Former Pure Angel
Gender – Female
Nicknames – Yuuma Amano (Alias)
Hair Color – Black
Eye Color – Violet
Equipment & Abilities – Light-Based Weapons Twilight Healing (Temporary)
Relatives – God Of The Bible (Creator) †
Affiliations – Grigori (Formerly)
Status –Deceased
Voice – Actor Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese)
Felecia Angelle (English)


Raynare seemed like a sweet and rather attractive young school girl at first, but this was just a disguise to hide her true nature. Her true personality revealed that she was vicious, petty, sadistic, treacherous, vindictive, arrogant, cruel, barbaric, and very deceptive. As shown when she successfully manipulated Issei Hyoudou, mind in order to get close to him and kill him. She also laughed cruelly at Issei, believing him to be “weak” or “A waste of her time killing him”. This shows how Fallen Angels like her can manipulate the will of mere humans with ease.


Not much was known about Raynare’s history, other than the fact that she was banished from Heaven for an offense of some sort. Shortly before the series began, Raynare came into contact with Freed and Asia at some point who became her subordinates.
She was sent to spy on Issei by Azazel because of his Sacred Gears dangerous potential, however she mistook this as a means to eliminate him. Raynare secretly gathered and led an independent group of Fallen Angels and Exorcists who assisted her in attempting to steal Asia’s Sacred Gear; Twilight Healing, believing she was better suited for it to serve her leaders.

Powers & Abilities

Light-Based Weapons – Raynare could create and throw spears of light to kill Devils. However, unlike most Fallen Angels who wield only one light spear, Raynare was also skilled enough to create several light spears in her arsenal.
Memory Alteration: Raynare was also able to wipe the memories and all the records of her existence as Yuuma from all the students she has met with at Kuoh Academi.
Cloth Manipulation – In the anime, she has show to quickly change between her casual clothing and her revealing black leather attire.
Flight – Being a Fallen Angel, Raynare could fly using her wings.


  • (To Issei) “W-Will you go out with me?” (Season 1, Episode 1)
  • (To Issei) “Will you die for me?” (Volume 1, Life 0)
  • (After taking Asia’s Twilight Healing) “Finally! The Twilight Healing! Now I can finally grasp it!” (Volume 1, Life 4)
  • (To Issei) “Issei-kun! Please save me! This Devil is trying to kill me! I love you! I love you so much! That’s why, let’s defeat this Devil together!” (Volume 1, Life 4)
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