Cressida – Fap CEO Sex Game

Cressida the Ambassador


Name ➤ Cressida
Eyes Color ➤ Brown
Hair Color ➤ Brown
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Height ➤ medium – 5’6″ (168cm)
Breast ➤ medium – 32 C
Feet ➤ medium – 8 (39 EU)
Age ➤ 19 years old
Occupation ➤ Diplomat
Likes ➤ Adventures, New experiences, Freedom
Dislikes ➤ Overbearing tradition, Close-mindedness
Unlocked ➤ Special Events (scroll down)
Release Date ➤ 2020-03-04
Outfits ➤ 5
Messages ➤ 6 threads (6 pictures)


After Cassandra’s rise as the new Chieftain of her tribe, her previous role as liaison with the studio fell on the backburner. Not one to neglect her duties on either side, she came up with a compromise. Cressida, the CEO’s newest acquaintance from the tribe would take over in her stead. Cressida herself described this as the opportunity of a lifetime, glad to finally build a bridge between her world and the new exciting one they’d discovered.

Cressida’s Outfits (5)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Ambassador CressidaStarting OutfitAmbassador Cressida PictureAmbassador Cressida
Pajama Cressida300 rubies
from PJ Party
The Lockdown
Pajama Cressida PicturePajama Cressida
Beach Party Cressida300 rubies  from Summer
Heat 2 2020
Ceremonial CressidaTier 4 from
Tribal Orgy
Festive Cressida200 Rubies  from Judy’s Bubble Bath
Sleepwear Cressida200 Rubies  from After Midnight Part 1 2021
Latex CressidaReward from Wild Things 5
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

Cressida – Fap CEO Messages (6)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
I’m here to serve, but…1 pictureHire Cressida
Do you know anything…?1 pictureComplete previous thread
I hope you’re comfortable.1 pictureComplete previous thread
The Feast is on!1 pictureComplete previous thread
Enjoyed yourself?1 pictureComplete previous thread
What are you doing here?!1 pictureWild Things II Tribal Orgy Rerun

Unlock Cressida

Event TitleEvent PictureEvent Dates
Wild Things II Tribal Orgy RerunStart: August 30, 2020
End: September 08, 2020
Wild Things II Tribal OrgyStart: March 04, 2020
End: March 12, 2020

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