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PJ Party The Lockdown


The duration of the mega event PJ Party The Lockdown of Fap CEO is dated from May 4th 2020 until June 1st 2020. The event is made up of 4 events.

New Content Summary

The Events, in total, feature

  • 30 new Outfits!
    • 18 new Outfits from Events
    • 12 new Outfits for purchase with Rubies
  • Before Sunset Party and After Midnight Group Chats
  • 8 new Animated Pictures
  • 2 Panorama pictures, each made from 6 pictures.
  • New Background
  • Tons of new e-mail messages

PJ Party The Lockdown

Girl’s Outfit

PJ Party The Lockdown
1st Event Before Sunset Part 1
(20.000 Points Rewards)
• 1st Lorelei Animation
• 2x Multiplier
• Yellow Balloon
Pajama Ingrid Outfit
Pajama Ingrid
Pajama Ingrid Ooutfit
(40.000 Points Rewards)
• 2nd Lorelei Animation
• 3x Multiplier
• Yellow Balloon
Pajama Delilah Outfit
Pajama Delilah
Pajama Delilah
60.000 Points Rewards
• 1st Ingrid Animation
• 5x Multiplier
• Yellow Balloon
Pajama Lana Outfit
Pajama Lana
Pajama Lana
80.000 Points Rewards
• 2nd Ingrid Animation
• Yellow Balloon
Pajama Rider Outfit
Pajama Dita Outfit

Pajama Rider

Pajama Dita
2nd Event Before Sunset Part 2
1st Thread – 2 Purple Balloons to unlock
• The Fifth picture in the Before Sunset panorama
Pajama Kelly Outfit
Pajama Lisa Outfit

Pajama Kelly

Pajama Lisa
2nd Thread – 3 Purple Balloons to unlock
• The Sixth picture in the Before Sunset panorama
Pajama Grace Outfit
Pajama Nova Outfit

Pajama Grace

Pajama Nova
3rd Event After Midnight Part 1
20.000 Points Rewards
• 1st Dominique Animation
• 300 Pink Keys 
• Red Balloon
Pajama Chloe Outfit

Pajama Chloe
40.000 Points Rewards
• 2nd Dominique Animation
• 5x Multiplier
• Red Balloon
Pajama Lizzie Outfit

Pajama Lizzie
60.000 Points Rewards
• 1st Zoe Animation
• 15x Multiplier
• Red Balloon
Pajama Alexis Outfit

Pajama Alexis
• 2nd Zoe Animation
• Red Balloon
Pajama Charlotte Outfit
Pajama Zoe Outfit

Pajama Charlotte 

Pajama Zoe
4th Event After Midnight Part 2
1st Thread – 3 Green Balloons to unlock
• The Fifth picture in the After Midnight panorama
Pajama Cassandra Outfit
Pajama Laura Outfit

Pajama Cassandra 

Pajama Laura
2nd Thread – 3 Green Balloons to unlock
• The Sixth picture in the After Midnight panorama
Pajama Amanda Outfit
Pajama Judy Outfit

Pajama Amanda 

Pajama Judy


Before Sunset Part 1
May 4th – May 12th
Pajama Ayumi
Pajama Lorelei
Ruby 300 RubiesRuby 300 Rubies
Pajama PrincessCumXXX
Pajama PrincessCumXXX
Pajama Tasha
Ruby 300 RubiesRuby 300 Rubies
Pajama Sara
Pajama Maria
Ruby 200 Rubies Ruby 200 Rubies
After Midnight
May 20th – June 1st
Pajama Amber
Pajama Dominique
Ruby 300 RubiesRuby 300 Rubies
Pajama Anika
Pajama Olivia
Ruby 300 RubiesRuby 300 Rubies
Pajama Cressida
Pajama Rose
Ruby 300 RubiesRuby 300 Rubies

PJ Party Events

Before Sunset Part 1 Event
Before Sunset Part 1 – May 4th, 2020
Before Sunset Part 2
Before Sunset Part 2 – May 7th, 2020

After Midnight Part 1 – May 20th, 2020
Laura Amanda Zoe Judi
After Midnight Part 2 – May 20th, 2020
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