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Sexy Airlines – Netherlands


Name ➤ Antje
Surname ➤ Van den Berg
Country ➤ Netherlands
Height ➤ 1,72 m (5’7”)
Age ➤ 22 years old
Cup size ➤ DD
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Hair Color ➤ Brown
Eyes Color ➤ Blue
Airport ➤ AMS (Amsterdam-Schiphol)
Required ➤ Company Level 50
GameSexy Airlines

About Antje

This tinkerbell turbo-titted broad comes fresh off a Dutch farm with a desire to enjoy the pleasures of life her rural origins could never proviide her. By joining Sexy Airlines Antje now explores her newfound rebelliousness and takes it beyond anything a typical Dutch farm girl would experience.


Smoking Weed, Milking, Farm Sex

Antje’s outfits (6)

Outfit nameOutfit pictureUnlock
Starting outfitComing soon…
Animated Milkmaid OutfitComing soon…➤ 30 Cheese
Easter OutfitComing soon…➤ 15 Blue Egg
Flower Girl OutfitAntje Van den Berg Sexy Airlines Game Flower Outfit➤ 1 Outfit Token
Lingerie Outfit AntjeComing soon…➤ 30 Gems
➤ 30 Lace
Space OutfitComing soon…➤ 15 Space Boots

Antje’s messages (7)

Thread nameNumber of messagesPicture / Video
Moo in the MeadowsYou: 4 messages
Antje: 5 messages
Antje Van Den Berg
Knickerless NicotineYou: 7 messages
Antje: 8 messages
Antje Van Den Berg
Cow-abungaYou: 8 messages
Antje: 9 messages
Antje Van Den Berg
Pussy pinningYou: 9 messages
Antje: 10 messages
Antje Van Den Berg
Crapital PunishmentYou: 10 messages
Antje: 11 messages
Haymaker Haven
Cafe Au Laid

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