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Lust Potion

Battle Pass – Episode 6


Lust Potions Battle Pass! This pass will bring more rewards, new outfits and threads featuring Dita, Vivian and various lusty magical mishaps! Join your favorite magical girls and meet their unexpected guest! Check the patchnotes for details on how it all works. Enjoy and have fun!

Clessidra Time Day Little Hearts Fap CEO – Event Battlepass

Info DateInfo Date Event
➥ Start DateFebruary 13, 2022
➥ End DateMarch 13, 2022
➥ Duration28 Days

How to play

Collect Lust Potions Token by doing the daily quests, weekly quests and clicking on the girl to unlock the rewards! More information here: BattlePass

REWARDS of the Event BattlePass

Lust Potions Token
FreePass BattlePass Fap-CEO
FAPPASS Battlepass Fap-CEO
110025x Booster Lust Potions Group Chat Thread “Vivian: I–ah… I need you
220010x Time Skip 1d 
33002x MultiplierWitching Hour Vivian Outfit
440010x Time Skip 5d 
5500Little Red Dress Dita OutfitLust Potions Group Chat Thread “Dita, Vivian, You
66003x Multiplier
770025x Pink Key Enchantress Dita Outfit
880050x Keys 75x Pink Key 
9900Lust Potions Group Chat Thread “Dita, Vivian, You
1010003x MultiplierLust Sorceress Vivian Outfit
111100Lust Potions Group Chat Thread “Dita, Vivian, You
12120050x Pink Key 200x Keys 
1313004x Multiplier
14140075x Keys 100x Pink Key 
151500Pink Vinyl Vivian Outfit5x Multiplier
16160010x Time Skip 1h 
17170075x Pink Key 10x Multiplier
18180010x Time Skip 4h Time Skip 4 hours125x Pink Key 
191900100x Keys 
202000Cozy Sweater Aysha OutfitWitching Hour Dita Outfit
212100125x Keys 
222200100x Pink Key 15x Multiplier
23230010x Time Skip 1d 150x Pink Key 
242400200x Keys 
251500Vivian as a hireable employeeLust Potions Group Chat Thread “Dita, Vivian, You
261600Lust Potions Group Chat Thread “Vivian: I–ah… I need you300x Rubies 
271700Lust Potions Group Chat Thread “Dita, Vivian, You200x Pink Key 
281800Lust Potions Group Chat Thread “Dita, Vivian, You400x Keys 
291900Lust Potions Group Chat Thread “Dita, Vivian, You25x Multiplier
302000Lust Potions Group Chat Thread “Dita, Vivian, YouLatex Lover Vivian Outfit

Value of extra Lust Potions Token

Once the Battlepass ends the remaining Lust Potions Token will be exchanged for Pink Key  by the Bank.

 x 100 ➔ x 25

Outfits rewards on FREEPASS three

Tier 5Tier 15Tier 20
Little Red Dress Dita OutfitPink Vinyl Vivian OutfitCozy Sweater Aysha Outfit

Outfits rewards on FAPPASS three

Tier 3Tier 7Tier 10Tier 20Tier 30
Witching Hour Vivian OutfitEnchantress Dita OutfitLust Sorceress Vivian Outfit
Witching Hour Dita OutfitLatex Lover Vivian Outfit

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