The Festival of the Witches 2021

The Witch of 6th January

According to the centuries-old tradition, the day of the witches arrives every year on January 6.
In our world it is customary for women on the night between January 6 to identify themselves in the clothes of the Befana.
The Befana is an old witch who fills the socks of the best children with sweets.
For the baddest children, however, the witch takes the ash and coal from the house fire and puts it in children’s socks.
The befana is always depicted as a witch who goes around on a flying broomstick.

in our past witches existed and they were ugly women, dressed in broken rags, able to fly with brooms, in reality witches were good women and some bad, and they had nothing to do with the devil.

The Witches of the past.

Epiphany and COVID

For Christian believers, however, the epiphany remembers the day when the remagi brought their gifts to the baby Jesus. Following in the wake of the comet, the three remagi brought gold, incenzo and myrrh to the cave.
Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the day of the epiphany cannot be celebrated in the family this year.

A nursery rytme

The Befana comes at night
with broken shoes,
the Roman dress
and long life to the Befana

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