Rossweisse Valkrye – High School DxD


Full Name – Rossweisse Valkrye
Kana – ロスヴァイセ
Romaji – Rosuvaise
Alias – 100 Yen Shop Valkyrie
Origin – High School DxD
Hair Color – Silver-White
Eye Color – Aqua
Age – 17 years old
Birthday – August 8
Occupation – Asgard (Formerly)
Kuoh Academy (Teacher)
Powers/Skills – Magic Defense,
Magic Flight
Hobby – Being Cheap.
Goals – Build a discount store in her homeland which has every good imaginable.
Race – Reincarnated Devil Former Valkyrie
Type of Hero – Demon


Rossweisse, is a beautiful young woman appearing to be around the same age as issei with long, silvery-white hair and light blue eyes. Her outfit is normally of a set of Valkyrie armor, which consists of a white chestplate with gold and pale blue accents and matching, fingerless guantlets, boots, hip guards, and wing-shaped hair clips. She also wears a black leotard underneath her chestplate, black thigh-high stockings. and a pale blue cloth wrap underneath her hip guards, all of which are clad with pink lacing along with her hair clips.


Rossweisse is known to be a very serious person. She has a tendency to buy things at sales when they’re cheap, allowing Issei to coin for her the nickname “The 100-Yen Shop Valkyrie”. She is extremely bitter about not having a boyfriend and will get angry when made fun of because of that. Despite her seriousness, she is highly susceptible to alcohol, and one drink from it can leave her drunk and vomiting for extended periods of time.


Rossweisse was moved to the village by her grandfather, Gondul, because her parents were warriors in the service of the Nordic gods and rarely visited the house.
While still a child, she underwent numerous tests to inherit her family’s magic herb, but for some reason failed to achieve, so the coat of arms was inherited from her cousin.
As a result of the attempt to make up for his shortcomings in Nordic magic, his school life was a typical academic, to the extent that they did not have the time of social life and interest in the opposite sex, which earned him the nickname, Valkyrie, who never had a boyfriend.
While studying at university, Rossweisse wrote an essay on 666, but never published it. Regardless, Qlippoth was considered an important expert on their plan. At one point, Rossweisse became Odyn’s bodyguard, although she used her as a waitress, and she received a small salary herself.

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