Happy Easter from Anime Sexy And Oppai – The Meaning Of Easter

Happy Easter From 2019 !!!

I wanted to give you a chocolate egg with a little surprise to repay you for your sweetness and the surprises that your love that lives by my side makes me every day

“Whoever tells you that you are too big for the Easter Egg maybe you don’t understand that you have to eat it, don’t get it into it. Life is like the surprise of Easter eggs, you always have great expectations, but inside you always find machines to assemble “

The date of Easter, varying from year to year according to the lunar cycles, falls on the Sunday following the first full moon of spring, determining also the cadence of other celebrations and liturgical times, such as Lent and Pentecost.

An overwhelming smile … serenity in the heart, so much peace and joy … I wish you a Happy Easter with love.

This special day with the people I love!

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“On a special day like Easter, I can only wish you well first and remember how much you love yourself and how much you have changed my life for the better. Happy Easter, my love! “

Spring and Easter

When the beautiful Easter arrives, the sweet spring flowers come to life. There is a sweet music in the air, it is the symphony celebrated by the bell towers. A rose garden can blossom in your heart, fill it with sweet happiness, where joy will reign today!

in love, technique is not enough, but feeling makes the difference!

In sex one can learn technique, but never a feeling, and feeling is the main factor, because the art of giving pleasure is the art of love and devotion; without love the most perfect technique is worthless and becomes just a soulless artifice.

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