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Zoe the Lifeguard


Name ➤ Zoe
Eyes Color ➤ Yellow
Hair Color ➤ Black
Skin Color ➤ Brown (#BF6C3C)
Height ➤ medium – 5’5″ (166 cm)
Breast ➤ small – 32 B
Feet ➤ medium – 7.5 (38 EU)
Age ➤ 21 years old
Occupation ➤ Lifeguard
Likes ➤ Traveling, Tropical Weather, Tall Waves
Dislikes ➤ Inconsiderate People, Being Landlocked
Unlocked ➤ Company Level 9
Release Date ➤ 2018-08-28
Outfits ➤ 16
Messages ➤ 7 threads (8 pictures + 2 videos)


A dark skinned, athletic beauty with an insatiable wanderlust. Usually armed with a bikini and a roughed-up but clearly loved surfboard, she spends most of her time surfing wherever the currents take her. Free-spirited and independent, her dedication to her job, or jobs, stretches only as far as the next trip to yet another unknown horizon. Cheeky, carefree and confident, she never backs down from a challenge. For now though, she’s settled in town with a part time job at the Fab CEO studio and another as a lifeguard.

Zoe’s Outfits (16)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Zoe the LifeguardStarting Outfit
Beach Party Zoe300 Rubies
Zoe the CadetTier 3 from 
Day Event 2019
150 Rubies  (50% Off) from Summer Mega-Sale 2019
Holiday Zoe150 Rubies  (50% Off) from Holiday Mega-Sale
Zoe the
2nd photo from
Guilty Pleasures
Zoe the
Ace of Spades
Tier 1 from
Lana in Wonderland
Pajama ZoeTier 4 from
After Midnight
Part 1
Surfer ZoeTier 3 from
Playroom 2020
Surfer Zoe PictureSurfer Zoe
Engineer Zoe
Reward from
Her Final
Frontier Sexpedition
Chief Engineer Zoe PictureChief Engineer Zoe
Queen Zoe
Tier 2 from
Night of the
Giving Head
Pirate Queen Zoe PicturePirate Queen Zoe
Nude Zoe100 Rubies  from
Legends of
the Badlands
Nude Zoe PictureNude Zoe
Festive Zoe2nd Thread from
Winter Chill Rerun
Military ZoeReward from Service Girls
Lingerie ZoeThread from Hey Jade
200 Rubies  from Introducing Jade
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

Zoe – Fap CEO Messages (9)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
Hey there sunshire!71 pictureHire Zoe
Uh, you know…91 pictureComplete Previous Thread
So about your other job…131 pictureComplete Previous Thread
So how about that date?111 pictureComplete Previous Thread
You won’t guess what I’ve found!141 pictureComplete Previous Thread
Something wrong?111 pictureComplete Previous Thread
I hate to ask but…131 pictureComplete Previous Thread
This is what I’ve been craving…2 videosAfter Midnight Part 1
Need help.111 pictureHer Final Frontier Sexpedition

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