Yuno Gasai – Mirai Nikki


Name : Yuno Gasai
Alias : 2nd
Origin : Mirai Nikki
Age : 14 – 16 Years Old
Occupation : Middle School Student, Goddess of the 1st world (formerly), Goddess of the 3rd world
Powers / Skills : Extremely skilled gunwoman, Incredibly high intellect, Effective with anything from a sword to an axe, Reality-warping powers
Hobby : Protecting and hanging out with Yukiteru
Goals : Stay with Yuki forever
Family : Saika Gasai (Adopted mother), Ushio Gasai (Adopted father)
Friends : Minene Uryuu, Aru Akise, Takao Hiyama, Yomotsu Hirasaka, Tsubaki Kasugano, Reisuke Houjou, Karyuudo Tsukishima, Marco Ikusaba, Ai Mikami, John Bacchus
Type of Hero : In love Anti-Heroine, Insecure Deity, Trickster, Protector

eye , Yuno Gasai


Crazy yes, but not always. His experience is the result of different circumstances lived in his life, in particular the abuse suffered by the adoptive mother and the absence of the adoptive father. His madness finally ended two years before the Survival Game when it comes to my parents and my friends. It is an attempt to make them feel what she felt. This is just a hit of fame traumatizing Yuno Gasai. This has become quite lonely and sad. When Aru moves her parents’ bodies, she became angry and said that she is sleeping.

Yuno Gasai kneeling in sexy bikini


However, she was not always insane. Her brutal personality is a result of circumstances surrounding her life, mostly the abuse she endured by her adoptive mother and the absence of her adoptive father. This finally ended two years prior to the Survival Game, when she turned the tables on them and imprisoned them in a cage her mother would often keep her in, in an attempt to make them know what it felt. However, this only caused them to die of starvation, which traumatized her. This was the beginning of her changes, as she later became quite lonely and sorrowful, which is shown in her somewhat morbid habits of talking to her parents’ dead bodies, telling them about her day, and claiming she will bring by Yukiteru. When Aru Akise moved their bodies, she became angry and said her parents were sleeping and that he woke them up. Later she even took their heads with her when she trapped Yukiteru in a hotel.

-Yuno explaining the abilities of her diary to Yukiteru and how they make up for his weaknesses

Yuno And Yukiteru

In his diary Yukiteru finds his predicted future at 10-minute intervals. His diary is practically useless by itself and if combined with Yuno’s diary, the couple becomes terrible. Although the diary does not help her much, Yuno can compensate enough with his cunning that saved both Yuki and herself on several occasions. The diary contains the plans that the duo uses to save themselves from the attack of the other participants. Despite her feminine appearance, Yuno proves to possess an impressive physical strength mostly when angry. With the first victory in the diary game, Yuno acquires divine powers. All those who have lived and who can tell the story, consider Yuno one of the most fearful and powerful aspects.

yuno gasai

Yumo Gasai and Yukiteru

Plot Overview

It is revealed over the course of Future Diary is that there are three Yunos, originating from three different parallel worlds created when the first Yuno performs time leaps to the past. The first Yuno and the most prominent, traveled to the second world and killed her second self to replace her. She created a third world to kill her third self, but ultimately decided not to, sparing her third self.

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