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Topic about Corona virus. How in Italy we live this pandemic. COVID-19: Effects and consequences.



ThingCoronavirus / Covid-19
WhereIn all the world
PreviousPlague and other pandemics
ConsequencesHealth crisis, economic and political crisis

how italians live corona virus

Covid-19 stated at 31th December 2019 when Chinese Health Authorities notified a outbreak of pneumonia cases from Wuhan (Hubei province, China).

Each of us was living its life normally, while in China an invisible enemy, escaped from a laboratory, mitigated his first victims; Rapidly increasing day by day.

For us Italians it was still only news from far east and, while in ignorance the Italians began to discriminate against Chinese and Asians, also in Italy the first cases of COVID-19 have been registered.

Between January and February 2020 we started watches videos and posters about hygiene everywhere. The main rule is wash your hands often.

In a few days, a succession of new legislative decrees and we find ourselves increasingly forced to remain closed at home. Wherever you are, the situation is unusual. In contemporary history, we never lived something like this: cities and towns are desolate, absolute ban on leaving the house except for proven necessity.

Everything is so absurd: we must spend all day at home, we must work and study from home; if you want exit out you have to take with you an self-certification sheet that sometime changes too, you must have a mask on the mouth and gloves at hands. At supermarket you have to do a queue for enter to do shopping. Only the basic necessities shops are open!

Staying more time at home we rediscovered much free time in which those who were able dedicated themselves to their passions, as long as it was something achievable at home, on the computer or in your own garden.

During all this time, after being forced to stay at home, the only news that would have made an Italian happy would have been the green light to return to life as usual.

Unfortunately, more and more people were getting infected, but not everyone stay alive.

It become a catastrophic pandemic, blocks, restrictions and controls are punctually extended week by week.

It soon became clear that the damage to the economy is devastating and many are out of work; even holidays like Easter this year have not been a good deal.

Hope is for the summer season: Italy is a popular tourist destination, but today, May 2020, it seems that for this summer everyone will have to settle for the natural heritage of their region.

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