The Easter: The spring season of bunny girls

For our blog readers we want to talk about Easter. The idea of this year was to do something of different from other years.

In this year we want to focus on pagan traditions of Easter. Do you know bunny girls? Good let’s go!

The History of Easter Bunny

Before the Christian Church changed everything, Easter was the festival of spring.

The spring is the flowering season, the mating season. The spring is the season when the days get longer. Many animals came out of hibernation. It is easier for the day to be sunny than cloudy, and sun is life for everything on the Earth.

From 15th century in Germany the fertility of Easter and therefore of spring has been combined with the figure of rabbit. The hare and the rabbit are considered to be the most fertile animals.

While the Americans imagine the figure of the Easter bunny, in Europe was born chocolates and in the shape of an Easter Bunny.

Over time the Easter bunny has become the one who brings chocolate colored Easter eggs to the nicest children.

Usually at Easter we eat not only chocolate eggs, but also chicken eggs based dishes.

What we done this year on the blog for Easter

For this Easter we design a new logo header that you can find at the top of blog.

As second thing we have another surprise…. we try to make a small game!

The mini-game

Click on button below and choose an Eater egg in the park. Find out immediately if you have won.

What surprise did you win? Write in comments below.

Bunny girls gallery

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