“Shirayuri Sakura Kanpani” – Girl Game

Name – Sakura
Nickname – The one put by your partner
Age – 18-20
Hair – Brown
hobby – Game And Cheerleading
Girl – Sexy Ecchi Oppai
Appearance – Hysical Aspect
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His Beauty And His Character!
Gentle, Cheerful, Calm, she blushes very
easily even if she is not too shy,
adventurous, friendly also sweet
and sexy and ecchi oppai,
tender, if she gets angry she can be serious and
cold and if she falls in love passionately,
affectionate, sweet etc ..

What he likes and what he doesn’t like
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What he likes: The tranquility, the peace, the animals, the good and kind people, eating, drinking, the occasional sleep, the music, singing some songs, writing their own songs, cooking, the animals, being faithful, That are faithful and affectionate and meet people and their ideal partner, be perverted

What he doesn’t like: Liars, selfish people, animals like insects, those who treat people badly to animals, absurd wars, who attack me because yes, they harm those I love, darkness and Lightning strikes especially being alone.

Objects And Weapons
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It has a pendant that protects you from unwanted people, several daggers and two knives just in case.


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