Rose – Fap CEO Sex Game

Rose the Social Butterfly

Rose Segretary


Name ➤ Rose
Eyes Color ➤
Hair Color ➤
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Height ➤ small – 5.2ft (158cm)
Breast ➤ small – 30 B
Feet ➤ small – 5.5 (36 EU)
Age ➤ years old
Occupation ➤ Social Media Expert
Likes ➤ Red wine, Twitter stories, Hair salons
Dislikes ➤ Bad nail polish, Incompetence
Unlocked ➤ Special Events (scroll down)
Release Date ➤ 2019-04-04
Outfits ➤ 6
Messages ➤ 5 threads (5 pictures)


Sassy, bold, and almost outrageous, Rose is a very determined woman. She sees what she wants and goes for it. Being a social media manager keeps her in touch with everyone who is anyone in the big world. Having stumbled over Amber’s Twitter and following it religiously as her daily source of humorous stories, she’s become more and more interested in the Studio as a whole. Not one to deny herself her curiosity, she immediately signed up for a job when an opening presented itself. If only to see what all the fuss is about. Or so she says…

Rose’s Outfits (6)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Rose the
Social Butterfly
Starting OutfitRose The Social Butterfly PictureRose The Social Butterfly Picture
Lingerie Rose5 Ruby Lipsticks
from Rose is Back
Lingerie Rose PictureLingerie Rose Picture
Rose the
Office Lady
5 Ruby Lipsticks from Rose is BackRose The Office Lady PictureRose The Office Lady Picture
Pajama Rose300 Rubies 
from PJ Party
The Lockdown
Beach Party Rose300 Rubies  from
Delilah’s Oral
Delights 2020
Sundress RoseThread from
Rose is Back 2021
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

Rose – Fap CEO Messages (5)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
Heya! Thanks for meeting me!71 pictureHire Rose
What the hell happened here?91 pictureComplete previous thread
Hah, told you so!121 pictureCompleting Message Thread “Um… Boss? Do you think this is weird?” from Amber
How d’you like that Hotshot?101 pictureComplete previous thread
You talked her into it, didn’t you?!101 pictureCompleting Message Thread “I can’t believe this is happening!” from Amber

Unlock Rose (2)

Event NameEvent PictureEvent Dates
Rose is Back 2021Start: April 01, 2021
End: April 07, 2021
Rose is BackRose is baack Daily EventStart: March 26, 2020
End: April 01, 2020
Newcomers Event 2019Newcomers Event - Victoria Rose VivianStart: April 4, 2019
End: April 17, 2019

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