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MichelAngel and Issei is akeno


Kanaミカエル (Katakana)
מִיכָאֵל‎ (Hebrew)
RacePure Angel
NicknamesMichael the Seraph
Leader of Angels
King of Spades
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorGreen
Equipment & AbilitiesLight-Based Weapons
Brave Saints
Holy System Control (Formerly)

Michael the next god

Michael is the former leader of the Angels and Seraphs before Gabriel took over. He is one of the God of the Bible’s creations, who took his place as leader after he died in the Great War. His current goals are to recreate the lost members of Heaven (mainly the Seraphim) and guide the Church with God’s teachings.

Personal Status

RelativesGod of the Bible (Creator) †
AffiliationsSixth Heaven
Throne of Heaven (Former Guardian)
Four Great Seraphs (Former Leader)
Three Factions (Heaven, Former Leader)
StatusAlive (Sealed)
RankingArchangel (Formerly)
Seraph (Formerly)
King of Spades
Voice ActorYoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese)
Aaron Roberts (English)


Michael is known to be both kind and compassionate. An example of this is the state of the moment when he decided to adhere to Issei’s request that Asia and Xenovia, both reincarnated as devils, do not suffer from the pain that comes from prayer, a request that accepts gracefully. However, it will put the good of many above the good of a few, such as Asia being banished to preserve people’s faith and for the good of heaven.

Michel Angel and issei


Michael was the first creation and right-hand man of the Biblical God, he served as the leader of the angels and assisted his creator in the war against the Fallen Angels and Devils. After God died in the war, the Angels had to retreat while Michael and the other seraphs try to activate the Heaven’s System which eventually succeeded in activating it. This led Michael to be center of the system and he took the position of his late-creator by becoming the new God of heaven to which he had to make God’s current status as top secret with the punishement of being exiled.


Michael makes his first appearance, his goal at the time was to give Issei the Holy Sword Ascalon, the legendary Assassin Sword of the Dragon that was once held by Saint George and then left. He later appears with the other three faction leaders to discuss a new threat called the Khaos Brigade and agrees to sign a treaty with them to fight the terrorist organization and also explain to Issei and his friends why those who found out that God he died was banished, as well as satisfying Issei’s request for Asia and Xenovia to pray without having to receive pain. Some time after the creation of the Brave Saints System, he angelized Irina Shidou and Dulio Gesudilo, both of whom would serve as her axes. Irina at the Kouh Academy and as a representative of the Angels.

Michael initially wanted to enter the Kingdom of the Dead with Azazel and Sirzechs Lucifer to fight Hades, God of the Underworld, but was denied by Azazel who declared that it would be bad for them to accompany them to the Underworld. Despite this, he sent the other ace Dulio to go with them on his behalf. It was also mentioned by Irina who approved that she had a relationship with Issei and found a method that could prevent her from falling.

Power and Abilities

As a first-rate angel and its leader, Michael can use and create weapons of light with great ease. Furthermore, it is likely to have power equivalent to a Satan-class devil. Its real power lies in its control of the system created by God from a distant past, which is what causes harm to devils who come into contact with blessed objects, provide miracles and determine who can be saved. Only Michael has knowledge of the system and only he is the only one who can make changes to the system.


  • Michael’s suit in the Brave Saints system is the Suit of Spades ♠.
    • Michael’s name means “who is like God?”. This is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like God. 
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