Merry Christmas Anime Girls – “2019”

Rias Gremory, Sexy Rias Ecchi, Oppai Gremory Red hair

Christmas 2019 is upon us for all of us!

Japanese anime girls dressed and decorated for Christmas were found online.
Dressed in red Christmas clothes, the girls are even more sexy.

When Christmas has passed, the new year will come.

The colors of Christmas

The girls and boys all dress in these colors, red, green, white.
Red like the dress of Santa Claus; White like winter snow; green like Christmas tree leaves.

Christmas lights, Christmas balls and Christmas trees are everywhere!
The streets are lit with lights; In every house that can afford it there is a green or white Christmas tree wrapped in lights and decorated with balls, stars, garlands and much more.

The legend of Santa Claus

It is said of a plump old man dressed in red who wanders around the houses.
He gives gifts to all the children who have done well during the year.
Santa Claus gets help from his goblins at the North Pole to build toys for all children.
During the night he flies in the sky with his sleigh pulled by magical reindeers.

Girl Oppai Sexy Hot Mascot Wishes Merry Christmas

Christmas Holiday

During the Christmas holidays there are those who enjoy a break from his job.

Christmas is an opportunity to stay with the family or take a nice trip.
Many people take advantage of it to eat a lot.
Christmas is the time for candies (so many sugars!) And panettone.
In some cultures there are also biscuits and typical dishes that are prepared only at Christmas.

Your wish

Now you can try to imagine to make your dream come true and find one o more girl dressed in Christmas sexy clothes that come towards you with a gift designed just for you…

What is your hidden desire?

Girl Oppai Hot Sexy Mascot Wishes Merry Christmas

I hope you like the photos I put down here.

? Merry Christmas ?

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