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Lana the Explorer



Name ➤ Lana
Eyes Color ➤ Green
Hair Color ➤ black
Skin Color ➤ Pink
Height ➤ large – 5’7″ (172cm)
Breast ➤ medium – 34 C
Feet ➤ large – 9 (39 EU)
Age ➤ 27 years old
Occupation ➤ Archeologist
Likes ➤ Exploring, Cultural Preservation, Chocolate Liquor
Dislikes ➤ Snobs, Pollution, Cultural Dillusion
Unlocked ➤ Company Level 10
Release Date ➤ 2018-09-26
Outfits ➤ 19
Messages ➤ 15 threads (14 picture + 4 videos)


While her knowledge in her field stretches far beyond your usual treasure hunter or explorer, you can’t be a good archeologist it you never leave the library.
She’s had herheart set out on exploring long before finishing her degree and has scrounged every penny she’s ever earned to that end.
However, she seems to be cursed with a sizable dose of bad luck.
She breaks everything she can find and even some that she can’t.
It is unclear if she’s an investment or an expense.

Lana’s Outfits (19)

Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired
Lana the
Starting OutfitLana The Explorer Picture iconLana the Explorer
Lana the
300 Rubies Lana the Survivor Picture iconLana the Survivor
Exotic LanaReward from The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Event 2019
Reward from The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Rerun
Exotic Lana Picture iconExotic Lana
Summertime Lana150 Rubies Ruby (50% Off) from Summer Mega-Sale 2019Summertime Lana Picture iconSummertime Lana
Desert Queen
Reward from Sexpedition 2 Ancient CummingLana Desert Queen Picture icomLana Desert Queen
Holiday LanaTier 2 from
Holly’s Gift
Holiday Lana Picture iconHoliday Lana
Pathfinder LanaReward from
The Sexpedition
1st Cumming
Lana the Pathfinder Picture iconLana the Pathfinder
Wonderland LanaTier 2 from Lana in WonderlandLana in Wonderland Picture iconLana in Wonderland
Hatter LanaTier 4 from Lana in WonderlandLana the Hatter Picture iconLana the Hatter
Pajama LanaTier 3 from
Before Sunset Part 1
Pajama Lana
Nude LanaTier 1 from
2 Year Anniversary
Inventor Lana300 Rubies  from Medieval
Lust Part 2
300 Rubies 
from Wild Things II
Tribal Orgy Rerun
4 Comfy Pillows
Lana’s Retreat
Festive Lana200 Rubies  from
Winter Wonderland Part 2
Archaeologist LanaTier 2 from
Meet Penny
Military Lana200 Rubies from Service Girls
Cadet Lana200 Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png from Service Girls 2
Disco LanaTier 3 from Amanda Revamped
Outfit nameUnlockPictureHired

Lana – Fap CEO Messages (15)

Thread nameNumber of messagesGiftUnlock
Um… this is the place, right?71 pictureHire Lana
How did you even?101 pictureComplete Previous Thread
I’m going back!111 pictureComplete Previous Thread
You knew!!141 pictureComplete Previous Thread
Could you do me a favour?131 pictureComplete Previous Thread
Did you know?121 pictureComplete Previous Thread
MIA? Or are you coming back?131 pictureComplete Previous Thread
Hey! Would you go see the sights with me?101 picture– The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Event 2019
The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Rerun
So, you want to usurp my throne?1 pictureSexpedition 2 Ancient Cumming
I can’t believe this is happening!44 videosLana in Wonderland
This is the weirdest shit…1 pictureLana in Wonderland
Where the hell are we?101 pictureLana in Wonderland
How do we get out, though?1 picture Lana in Wonderland
Where are we going now?!1 pictureLana in Wonderland
Taste test?131 picture
1 outfit
Lana’s Retreat

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